Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief Book Discussion (Reread)

ASDFGHJKL The Percy Jackson series is by far one of my all-time favorite series.

happy-squealingThis was one of the books that catalyzed my reading addiction. I still remember when I first read it…I was in sixth grade (wow! just like Percy!) and I was reading it on the bus ride on a field trip to the aquarium. Anyway, I was inspired to reread the series after discovering that Viria became the official artist of the series. Of course, that led to me stalking through the PJO tag on Tumblr and falling in love with all the characters and books again.

Even as a college student, I can greatly appreciate Uncle Rick’s writing. It’s clear and concise. It’s sarcastic and witty. It’s all things good intertwined and integrated into the plot. Percy is such a loveable and funny narrator…not to mention pretty darn bad a** for a 12-year-old. I loved reading the series as each new book was released because it felt as if I were growing alongside these characters. I saw Annabeth develop from this prideful little girl to a fearless, intelligent fighter. Rereading The Lightning Thief has allowed me to see all the little quirks of our beloved trio that I never noticed before.

Things I didn’t notice/fully appreciate when I first read The Lightning Thief:

  • The beginning. I don’t think I ever fully appreciated the way Uncle Rick started us off with a witty young narrator. It’s such a wonderful way to not only draw in the reader to the book but also to the world he creates.
  • Sally Jackson. Such a wonderful and loving mother. 😍 She puts up with Smellytumblr_mrl8k0ugfj1sperd7o1_1280Gabe who is the W O R S T for her son so he can be protected from monsters. She prepares blue food for him as an inside joke. Percy’s love for his mom #canrelate
  • Grover being freaking useless during the Minotaur battle. How can you even stay asleep when that’s happening?? I mean I love Grover, and he’s adorable but seriously how???
  • “Names have power” What is this? Harry Potter? I honestly don’t remember this being a thing in the series but hey I guess it is.
  • Uncle Rick has the best chapter titles. “Three Old Ladies Knit the Socks of Death”, “I Become Supreme Lord of the Bathroom”, “We Capture a Flag”. I live for these titles. Truly LOL’d every time.
  • Percabeth’s first interaction wasn’t “You drool in your sleep”!! It was her spoon feeding him pudding when he was in the infirmary post-Minotaur battle.  
  • Ambrosia and nectar. In sixth grade, everyone I knew wanted to try Turkish Delight from the Narnia series. I’ve always wanted to try the food of the Gods. (given that I wouldn’t spontaneously combust bc I am human and sadly not a demigod).
  • Camp Half-Blood is a strawberry farm. 🍓🌱
  • When Chiron talks to Percy about Grover failing his second mission, it made me wonder…What was the first mission? I honestly don’t remember this. Then it hit me…IT’S THALIA OMG!
  • I forgot that the Hydra in the movie wasn’t in the books! A part of me was tricked into thinking it was, so I was waiting for that to happen the entire time I was reading.

I honestly just have such fond memories tied to this series. I’m going to be reading this series to my kids one day. I’ll teach them to say “Braccas Meas Vecimini” instead of curse words. It’ll be a fun time. 04Let’s just take a second to appreciate the beauty of Viria’s drawing of Percy, especially in comparison to the OG photo that Rick Riordan posted. See the rest of her drawings here!


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10 thoughts on “Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief Book Discussion (Reread)

  1. OMG I can scarcely remember the events from the books. I will definitely read this to my kids someday too so I could also do a reread. I haven’t finished Blood of Olympus yet and it has been in hiatus mode since the year it was published and I.AM.ASHAMED.

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    1. Definitely read it!! Blood of Olympus is good but definitely isn’t as good as Last Olympian 😢 I feel like Last Olympian was so perfectly tied together, but Blood of Olympus isn’t. It’s still good FO SHO, but not as good in comparison 🤔 (Still fun to read book reviews and scrolls through tumblr tags about it tho)

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      1. The reason why I put off The Blood of Olympus was because I wasn’t ready to let go of the characters yet. But then my friend told me that Percy and some made cameos in The Trials of Apollo series so I am now curious with the series because I wasn’t planning on picking it up but now.. 😀

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