25 Bookish Facts About Me

It’s been a little over a month since I’ve started my blog, and I felt that it was time to properly introduce my book-loving-self. 💕

  1. I’m a nighttime reader. 🌙 I aim to be in bed thirty minutes to an hour before I actually plan to sleep so that I squeeze in some last minute reading.  9f865060-7a92-0133-6eb1-0aecee5a8273
  2. I read for a long period of time versus in shorter spans. I hate stopping in the middle of a book (unless it’s a reread), so I’d rather power through and finish the book. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I prefer eBooks over physical books. I can carry more books in a smaller amount of space. It’s G E N I U S. The ESTJ in me is loving the efficiency.
  4. I reread books…A LOT. This is literally the reason why I can never make a dent in my TBR pile. 📚980x
  5. I’m super picky about spending money on books. I’m scared to spend money on a book I haven’t read in case I don’t like it, but once I’ve read it, I don’t feel the need to buy it. I really only buy books if I 100% trust the author, or it’s a book I know I’ll continuously reread.
  6. I really love bookish merch. 📚 Tote bags, stickers, mugs, pillows…They’re all in my Redbubble chart but will never be checked out. 🙁
  7. When I was in elementary school, I thought I was banned from the library. 😢 I had 20 books overdue for over a month. I was afraid to return them myself because I thought they would never let me check out books ever again.
  8. I think new books smell better than old books. New books smell crisp and fresh. Old books smell musty like mildew. gg-rory-smelling-book-1.gif
  9. I desperately want a book related tattoo someday. You know…because I’m hardcore. *winks with both eyes*
  10. Anything can be a bookmark. Post-it note? ✔ Receipt? ✔ Calculus HW? 
  11. I’ve never listened to an audiobook. 🎵 It’s something I’ve been wanting to try, but I get distracted way too easily which is also why I suck at podcasts. I definitely process information better visually.
  12. My childhood guilty pleasure was the Candy Apple books.  They were quick, fun reads that my preteen self really enjoyed. 51faFyWsFjL._SY378_BO1,204,203,200_
  13. I don’t mind spoilers. *gasp* I’m the type of person who likes knowing what is going to happen. It’s why I constantly reread and rewatch the same books, movies, and TV shows.
  14. Predictable books are my pet peeve. 💢 There’s a difference between knowing how a book ends because you were spoiled versus knowing because it was so freaking obvious. I really appreciate when authors take the time to craft a well thought out storyline (AKA Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo) which keeps you consistently engaged and entertained.
  15. I can’t read in the car because it makes me carsick. 🚗 but that still doesn’t stop me from trying. 😉
  16. When I really like a book, I become its biggest fangirl. I’ll stalk through the Tumblr tags and bother all my friends to read so that I have other people to fangirl with.
  17. I used to read in the showerThen, I remembered that I lived in California and should really save water because #drought.
  18. I bend the book spine and dog-ear pages. Yeah, I know. I’m that kind of reader.  giphy (1).gif
  19. I don’t judge a book by it’s cover. That’s right. I picked up City of Bones when it was first released despite the weird looking shirtless dude on the front cover. 😉 Same goes for the Percy Jackson books and its prehistoric/pre-Viria art.
  20. But I definitely appreciate aesthetic covers. The Infernal Devices books are so pretty that they just demand a photoshoot. Anna and the French Kiss is a terrible book, but I’ll admit it looks super aesthetic in pictures.
  21. I’m currently very behind on popular books and bookish trends. 📖 Forgive me for I am just a poor college student trying to pass her exams while taking frequent study breaks reading on my phone.
  22. I DON’T KNOW WHAT HOGWARTS HOUSE I’M IN 💔 Every quiz I do tells me something different. I just want to know so I can rep my house pride. giphy1
  23. A book blog post will take me at least two hours. I always go back and re-edit what I originally wrote…even in tags. I’m always second guessing what I’m writing, so it takes me forever. Even then, I’LL STILL HAVE A TYPO.
  24. I only go to the movies to watch book-to-movie adaptations. 🎬 I’m not a big movies person, so I usually only go to the cinema to watch a book I love hit the big screen.
  25. I’ve had my Kindle for 8 years. Yup, I definitely got my money’s worth. I’ve been spending the longest time debating whether to upgrade to the Kindle Paperwhite, but my current one still works and it’s a precious memento. 💕


Thanks for reading~

42 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts About Me

  1. I bought City of Bones after watching the movie and ended up buying the whole series 🙃 and i also still don’t know what Hogwarts house i’m in 😕 anyway, this is a great post! 👍🌹

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  2. “I think new books smell better than old books. New books smell crisp and fresh. Old books smell musty like mildew.” I totally agree! I have to smell books before purchasing them from secondhand shops. Anything that smells like mildew or cigarette smoke gives me wicked asthma!

    Great post!

    Erica | Erica Robyn Reads

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  3. Oh I can so relate to the “everything can be a bookmark” thing. At the moment, my bookmark is a train ticket, sometimes it’s a receipt, sometimes a movie ticket, sometimes it’s a piece of paper… anything random, really, hahaha. I also LOVE smelling new books haha 🙂

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    1. 100% I saw this quote that said “When reading, we don’t fall in love with a character’s appearance. We fall in love with their words, their thoughts, and their hearts. We fall in love with their souls.” which reminded me so much of what you said.

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  4. I’m the opposite – literally every quiz tells me I’m a Hufflepuff. :’)
    I don’t mind spoilers either…except when I do. I never hear anything about things I don’t mind being spoilt, but when I want to go in blind they’re EVERYWHERE, mocking me.

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  5. Omg I get car sick too, it’s why I only read in chunks on car journeys if at all because I can’t cope with the sickness feeling afterwards. SNAP on the movie thing, I’m not huge on films I’m more of a TV series kinda gal, I’m a Slytherclaw xD primarily Slytherin so there’s that haha.

    Also I don’t mind spoilers either, it’s weird to be honest but it goes hand in hand with my bad habit of reading the last page of a book before I finish it or even start it haha.

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  6. Omg I can relate so much to being picky about spending money! Most of my books travel a long journey until they’re in my hands -either my mom ships them to me, or I have to travel to the US to get them- So, yeah, very, very picky. I once filled a whole suitcase with books. We had to do some serious weight repartition in order to not to exceed the weight limit XD So, also, ebooks hold a special place in my heart. I’ve come to rely a lot on them, but it’s tricky! It’s frustrating if I read a book I looooved as an ebook because then I want to have a physical copy to touch it XD, but… I almost always end up buying books I haven’t read before so… I still need to get the Starbound trilogy paperbacks!

    And car sickness is real D: I don’t know how my sister does it (she loves fanfics), but she’s always reading while we’re in the car. If I try it, I get a super annoying headache after a few minutes and just can’t keep reading. Road trips are way more fun for her!

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  7. I also love e-books and my Kindle 🙂 plus. Me being international, print books are so much harder to get anyway. Reading in the shower though?? I can’t watch the video now, but HOW?? XD I do listen to audiobooks in the shower though. And I am a nighttime reader too! That’s where the Paperwhite comes in. I read with the backlight on while my boyfriend is asleep right next to me 🙂

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  8. Same with me on #1! I always read a bit before going to sleep. I usually end up doing this for an hour or longer, which is why my body clock is so messed up. D: ALSO WITH THE AUDIOBOOKS. I tried once with the first HP book (which I loved), but I accidentally fell asleep after 10 minutes of listening. Whoops. My short attention span can’t take it. D: ALSOOO WITH THE CARSICKNESS. I usually manage to finish a couple of pages before my head starts to spin. ALSO ALSO (I could think of another word for this but I’m too lazy) THE SHOWER THING. With my phone, so ebooks. Then I stopped when I nearly dropped it on the wet shower floor once–I got traumatized. XD

    (I am very sorry for this incredibly incoherent comment.)

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always


  9. I guess, I’m not sure. More or less we’re the same but again, I’m not sure. Majority from 1-11 I can relate to and agree while for the rest not so, some facts beyond 11 I do those stuff too. 😊

    I hope you don’t mind that I tagged you in The Mystery Blogger Award here https://wp.me/p92pKs-oH

    Apart from those 25 facts about you, I’m sure there are more 😉


  10. omg we are so similar haha! i am also a night reader (which is why i have a pretty much failing self-imposed rule of NOT reading before bed because i never managed to get enough zzz), i suck at audiobooks (and podcast) because my attention keeps running away, I don’t mind spoilers (I actually love looking for spoilers) but I HATE it when a book is predictable! 😀 I also love that final corgi gif, sooo cutee ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. thanks for reading!! i would get so much more sleep if i didn’t read at night, but i think i’ve socially conditioned myself to not be able to fall asleep without reading before~


  11. I too bend book spines and dog-ear pages. My dad’s friend saw me dog-ear a book the other day and almost died right in front of me. Also, anything can be a bookmark is a mood. I tend to use random bits of paper. I always have random bits of paper lying around. :’) Sometimes they have very important notes on…

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