The Struggle of Not Knowing Your Hogwarts House

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I always complain about not knowing my Hogwarts house. It’s incredibly frustrating.     Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 10.39.34 AM.pngAnyway, here are five reasons why it sucks being house-less. 😢

  1. It’s such serious FOMO. Everyone can band together in their respective houses. They sport their house colors and put it in their Twitter bios. What am I suppose to put in my bio? A black heart?? 🖤 ron.gifI honestly feel like I’m missing out on a crucial HP experience. Which HP character would I have lived with? What color socks am I supposed to buy? I just want to be a part of something (I mean beyond the HP fandom). I can’t even relate to those “Struggles of Hufflepuff” or “15 Things Only a Slytherin Would Understand” posts. I just want to find my community. 😢
  2. Your non-Potterhead friends don’t care for your struggle. Your Potterhead friends are too happy cheering for their respective Quidditch team to notice your loneliness. SO…you try to air your grievances to your regular friends, but they’re just unsympathetic overall. raw.gifThey don’t understand the importance of this issue. MUGGLES…Am I right? Even then, the muggles are able to band together and have a home.
  3. The Pottermore Quiz IS NOT HELPFUL. 😤 I am not a fan of the Pottermore quiz. #srrynotsrry. Why should the fate of my Harry Potter life be decided by the question: Heads or Tails and Left or Right? They’re so arbitrary.giphy (1)To prove my point, I took 3 Pottermore quizzes in the span of an hour and got 3 different houses. If I got a question I answered previously, I kept the same answer, but there were some new ones I didn’t get on a prior quiz. Still, it just shows how random and inaccurate the quiz can be.
  4. You can’t even tell the Sorting Hat which house you want…because you don’t even know. Like in the case of Harry, the Sorting Hat also takes into consideration which house you want to be in. However, when you’re lost AF like me, that doesn’t help your problem at all. The Sorting Hat is probably just wondering how I could handle the responsibility of being a wizard when I can’t even decide a house.
  5. giphy.gifYou’re left with such an identity crisis. I swear there’s no greater identity crisis than not knowing your Hogwarts house (exaggerating..kinda). Am I curious and creative or loyal and trusting? Am I ambitious and cunning or courageous and brave? I literally could be in any! I’m wearing Gryffindor snowman socks today, and I feel like a phony. 😶angst

SOOOO…Which Harry Potter house are you in? ⚡ Are you like me and are Team #Houseless? Do you have a recommendation for better quiz than Pottermore? I think I’ll reread the books at some point to see if any house speaks to me.

41 thoughts on “The Struggle of Not Knowing Your Hogwarts House

  1. I know how you feel! As someone who sorts characters I write, it’s eternally frustrating that I can’t figure out my own. And to tell you the truth, I think it’s partially a fluctuation thing where I just can’t commit to one. The best I can do is say I know I’m not a Slytherin, lol.

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  2. I am lucky enough to have a fixed house on every quiz I took (Proud Slytherin here) but a friend of mine shares the same concern as you. He took the Pottermore quiz a couple of times and got sorted to all of the houses.He just decided to go and be a Hufflepuff just ’cause he feels like he is one. So I guess why not try and go to which house you feel most at home or the one close to your identity. Good luck! 💕
    PS. Ignore those muggles.😂

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  3. I’m a proud Slytherclaw. Primarily a Slytherin though – however I’m not exactly a Potterhead haha. I’ve never read the books (I know shocking right?) and I’ve no interest to read the books, but I do feel your pain girl. For whatever reason I just see you as a Hufflepuff – I don’t know why but if that helps then there you go haha.

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    1. You should try listening to the audiobooks! That’s what I’m doing right now. It’s really useful because I can just listen to it during the small free time moments in my day. Hmm I can kind of see the Hufflepuff in me, too. I’ll see how I feel when I’m finished listening to the audiobooks~

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      1. I’m not overly huge on audiobooks because I’ve never tried one and I’ve always been reading and can imagine the voices in my head I feel like it’d totally freak me out. And I honestly have no interest in reading/listening to the Harry Potter books. It wasn’t something I actually got into since paranormal was the genre that I loved first and foremost as a kid, I read another series that I suppose could be compared to the HP books but in my opinion I prefer the series I read as a kid with my mum. It’s the Charlie Bone series by Jenny Nimmo.

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  4. I’m sorry you haven’t found your house yet, but there are a lot of interrelationships between houses. The people define the house, not the house defines the people and so just because it advertises “brave” doesn’t mean everyone has to be courageous. Each is brave in their own way! But good luck with your search!

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  5. Cute post! I think I once took another test, but I don’t remember where that was. It gave me Ravenclaw, but by then I had accepted Hufflepuff already, and I do have a lot of matching qualities for that house. Most of them!
    But I totally get how sad it would be to be undecided. But don’t you at least prefer one of the houses? Some people just stick two houses into a name if they prefer two xD you can’t leader all four… can you? 😀

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  6. I’m fully team #houseless! Pottermore put me in Hufflepuff but I feel like I’m more of a Ravenclaw/Slytherin and I kinda wanna be in Gryffindor just because. So yeah I feel you!! Love this post by the way, I’m glad I’m not the only one!!

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  7. That’s such a great post, I get the struggle! I have done tests, multiple times and one every possible website, sometimes I got Ravenclaw and sometimes Hufflepuff, I’m not sure where I belong or which one would fit me better, somehow?? I get we can be a mix of everything?? I hope so hahaha 🙂

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  8. YES! It is an identity crisis! And I don’t understand why people don’t get how left out a person would feel…I mean, years and years of fan-girling and I have no idea where I belong?? It’s a serious issue but oh well, the Muggles won’t get it and the others don’t really acre. You’re right 😀

    Loved this post! It’s so relatable! ❤

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  9. Wow, years ago I was sorted into Gryffindor and it was a good enough fit for how I was back then. I’ve changed a lot since then due to age and experiences and now I sort into Ravenclaw and it feels right. Plus, I think I may have wanted to really see myself more outgoing or brave and be in Harry, Ron & Hermione’s house at the time. Truly, if I had thought long enough on the one line tenants of characteristics back then, I’d have been a Ravenclaw all along. By the way, I used the test from and think it is a very fair one. But, I was reading more about houses here:

    and an aha moment occurred as the article talks about various characters who belong to houses that aren’t truly indicative of their natures. It was very interesting that they were sorted often more by their actions than their personal natures. All of which made me not stress because my house had changed and because i feel some similarity to more than one house in personality. I realized that may only be a small aspect of it and really just go with the evolving nature of my growth or changes in actions over time.

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    I took the Pottermore quiz freaking 3 times and I got Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor….
    I personally think I am a Hufflepuff BUT I STILL NEED VALIDATION.

    This is so unfair 😢

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