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Happy Sunday, everyone! I know I haven’t been the most active in the blogosphere these days, but I’m trying to post at least once a week so I can balance school and blogging. 🙈 Today, I’m doing the 7 Favorite Things tag—thank you to Olivia from Purely Olivia for tagging me! Go give her all the love because she’s such an amazing person. 💝 200.gif


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  • List and picture at least seven of your favorite things.
  • Tag at least seven people. (I’ll do this at the end of my post!)
  • List the seven rules. I am missing some?!

1. The Smell of Coffeegiphy.gif

I’m actually more of a tea drinker than a coffee drinker, but I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. It’s just so warming and home-y! Sometimes, I wish I were a coffee drinker so I could have an excuse to have my home smell like it, but coffee has such a weird effect on my body. ☕When I drink warm coffee, I get very sleepy, and if I drink cold brew, my heart gets too jittery to finish any work. In the meantime, I’ll just stick to my cups of tea and the occasional latte.

2. Baking Pastriesgiphy (2).gif

I have such a major sweet tooth, so I love eating all the desserts—ice cream, brownies, cookies, donuts, etc. 🤤 One of my not-so-secret passions is baking! It might be me trying to channel my inner Lara Jean, but I love spontaneously baking treats to feed my friends. The smell of warm cinnamon rolls or brownies filling a kitchen is one of the best, and it’s honestly a very therapeutic activity for me. I usually play a movie on my laptop and just take my time mixing ingredients as a way to relax.

3. Christmas Timegiphy (3).gif

Even though I’m obsessed with autumn and everything pumpkin spice, I love snowy days and the holiday season. ❄ This is the time of year where everything is holly and jolly. There are fairy lights on houses and everyone just seems friendlier (except for those crazy last-minute holiday shoppers). Plus, it reminds me of many heartwarming memories with family and friends. There’s no school so I can invest more time in reading and blogging, too. Catch me listening to Christmas music the second Halloween is over! 🎄

4. Potatoes giphy (4).gif

This one is definitely more random and less aesthetic than the other favorites I’ve listed, but I can’t help it…I love potatoes. Fries, mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, chips…maybe it’s because I’m writing this post during lunchtime? 😂 Potatoes are arguably one of the best foods in the world because it’s so versatile and delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like potatoes.

5. Cute Fluffy Animalsgiphy (5).gif

I am absolutely in love with cute small animals but also just cute fluffy animals in general. 😍 I remember I once saw a picture of a washed and blow-dried cow and was over-the-moon happy for the next week. Even though most people in the book community are cat lovers, I consider myself more of a dog person. 🐶 When I grow up (as if I’m not already a legal adult), I’m going to get a small fluffy white puppy and name him Bub. I will hug him, squish him, and play with him all the time. This video on Facebook is an accurate representation of how I would play with Bub.

6. Being Emotionally Wrecked By a Really Good Booktumblr_myc9d4a6w21s8hnhko1_500

Arguably, the worst best feeling for a reader. 😭 We all know that agonizing feeling where a fantastic book just *crushes* your soul. The only way to recover is with time, but as you’re wallowing in your emotions, the only way to cope is to share your pain with other readers, browse memes on the book’s Tumblr tag, and drown your sorrows in chocolate cake. Even though it’s a bittersweet feeling, we book lovers are addicted to it and love finding books that can make us feel this way.

7. My Favorite Bible Verse philippians-4-13-images-i-can-do-all-things-through-christ-philippians-413-kensiekate-best-wallpaper-for-android-570x600.jpg

I’m going to copy Olivia and end this tag with a bible verse. 💕 This is the time in the academic semester where exams are getting heavier, and I have a lot of more responsibilities to manage. This verse just helps me remember that I am strong enough to conquer anything. Despite any setbacks we may face, God is watching over us and lifting us up—we are loved and we are never truly alone.

Nominating my lovely friends 💖 : 

What are some of your favorite things? Do we have any in common? LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS! 💕

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18 thoughts on “Tag: 7 Favorite Things

  1. Awe, thank you so much for doing this, Tiffany!💓I loved reading your answers, this was just such a calming and soothing blog post to read right now. I love the smell of coffee, too! I went to a coffeeshop today and I was so happy because my clothes smelled like coffee for the rest of the day. XD I can’t wait for Christmas, either! And Christmas break, because I’m ready for no school. Also, I love that Bible verse too. I hope school goes well for you this week and all the weeks following! 58 days until Christmas- we can do this. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thank you for tagging me so I had the chance ❤ I loved coming up with the answers, so I'm glad you enjoyed reading them! Coffeeshops are the BEST 🙂 I'd love to just spend hours. I'm so excited to see all the bloggers in school reunited? and active again once it's the holidays. I hope school and dance are going well for you too! WE GOT THIS~

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I loooove the smell of freshly brewed coffee! And baking as well– I actually enjoy it more than cooking! And you’re right, potatoes are the best food, I’ve always said that because you can make so many different things from them!! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m gonna save the post for the next time I wanna do a tag 💕😊 and yesss, but of course the best tasting things are always the worst for you LOL. I think I’m kind of awful at cooking too.. but add sugar in the mix and I’m a pro 😂💁‍♀️


  3. Ouhh nice tag.

    Same !! The coffee smell is so nice 😍😍 I work at a coffee shop now and honestly… i just love to do the grindings just because I get to smell the sweet aroma of it getting grinded… and bonus my hands get to smell like it too!!
    I’m a wierd christmas baby (dec. 27th) who actually dont care about christmas much :/ funny thing, my boyfriend’s mother is ALL ABOUT IT !! So thats gonna be fun 😂 though probably why I dont care as much is apart the three of us (me + parents), we dont have actual family member to celebrate with and we don’t do anything special at all, so thats kinda meh it itself. Lets see if Alex’s mother can change my mind a bit!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My only other « not boring » is the sex shop so i mean 😂😂
        Unfortunately i probably wont get to see her mom this year, with work and all I cant really take a week vacation yet :/ and they live far away ..


  4. Ahh this is such a fun tag, I love it 💖
    I’m not a fan of coffee at all, drinking it or smelling it or anything, really haha. But I am so with you on baking pastries and just the overall smell of pastries cooking, that’s the most amazing smell haha. And yes to cute, fluffy animals, I love watching them, never fail at making me feel better 💖
    Thank you so much for tagging me! I hope you’ve been well love 💖 💖

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  5. Such a fun tag! And yaaaaas, potatoes are the best! I can eat them everyday and wouldn’t even complain. They’re that versatile and delicious. 😊

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  6. I’m a tea drinker too but I agree with you on the smell of coffee! I don’t particularly like the taste and caffeine doesn’t work for me, but the smell is so nice. One of my favourite things is evening tea time, though, because of what it means to me. It’s 15 minutes in the evening to myself, to breathe in the middle of my workday, or a while to catch up with friends or my mom. More than tea itself, the significance of the time means a lot.


    1. Right?? I love the smell of coffee, but then my whole body becomes super energized. I love that you have evening tea time 🥺💖 I think I’ll need to invest in some non-caffeinated tea just to do that!


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