Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2019

Happy March, everyone! Continuing with the trend of long months, this month felt like foreverβ€”so much has happened. πŸ€ I ate tons of good food, studied for more exams, went on Spring Break, and read a bunch of amazing books!



March was filled with Midterm exams, but luckily, I also had Spring Break! I flew back home to Los Angeles to spend time with family and friends. ✈ The weather is absolutely perfect because I managed to fly back the one week where it wasn’t raining. β˜€

I currently only have 5 more weeks left of the academic term before I’m officially on Summer break! I’m pretty excited for a break because having constant exams has been pretty stressful. This month will also be filled with more projects and quizzes, and I know I have to start preparing early because the first week of May will be final exams! 😱



I finished 9 books this month so I’m currently at 23 books out of 50 for my Goodreads Challenge. I read so many contemporaries this month, and they all!! sparked!! so much!! joy!! 😍 If you’re looking for any contemporary recommendations, I would definitely suggest picking up Small Town Hearts or Starry Eyes or Geekerella or Listen to Your Heart.

I started using a Scribd account (well…I’m technically still on the free trial), and it’s been pretty great having more access to audiobooks beyond the ones available at my library. I honestly thought that there would be more options though, and it’s a little frustrating with the limitations they set. But I’m happy to have more access to audiobooks than I previously did. πŸ™†


Blog Posts & Updates ✏

I’m pretty excited with all the posts that I wrote this month, and I’m even more happy because I got to cross off one of my resolutions this year which was to participate in a blog tour!! β˜• I’m really proud of the rainbow mood board I made for the Small Town Hearts blog tour, and I definitely want to make more mood boards in the future.

Book Reviews



Instagram πŸ“Έ

I was super lucky to receive Hot Dog Girl by Jennifer Dugan in a Twitter giveaway, and I also received some exciting book mail from Scholastic. πŸ’Œ I also filmed a mini, ironically bad unboxing video that I shared on Twitter. I can finally see the appeal in filming these! πŸ˜‚


Goals ✨

  • read 5 books (including 2 ARCs) βœ… I read 9 books this month with The Princess and the Fangirl and Small Town Hearts being the two ARCs!
  • drink 3 bottles of water every day βœ…I downloaded an app called “Plant Nanny” to keep track of my water, and I also recently invested in a cup with a straw which has been super motivating to use.
  • complete 1 buddy read βœ…WHOOO!! I buddy read The Princess and the Fangirl with Charvi from Not Just Fiction. We both loved the book and had a fantastic time reading!
  • write 1 discussion post ❌Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to write a discussion post, especially because it takes a lot of time to finish. I have a few ideas lined up, but I think I’ll hold off on writing them until I have more free time.
  • do something spontaneous βœ…After one of my club meetings this week, my friends and I decided to spontaneously go get tacos and ice cream!!

This Month’s Goals:

  • read 6 books (including 2 ARCs)
  • write a discussion post
  • get my netgalley ratio above 50%
  • walk to school once a week
  • do something adventurous

Favorite Posts In The Blogosphere πŸ’ž

How was March for you? How are you enjoying the Spring season? πŸ’•

37 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2019

  1. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your monthly wrap up post (and thank you for sharing so many wonderful posts at the bottom!). Congrats on reaching some of your goals and I hope your semester ends well and you ace all of your tests! ❀

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  2. Your instagram is so pretty, Tiffany! Good luck with your exams ❀ I'll be working over the summer haha but in the upcoming weeks, my family and I have plans to go hiking. I hope it works out!

    Aaah ever since my read of Small Town Hearts I've really come to appreciate the contemporary genre. I hope you the new month is productive for you πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. CAM SO SWEET ❀ ❀ ❀ Thanks for the words of encouragement,,,I will definitely need it when finals roll around 😒 I hope you enjoy your work over the summer though πŸ™‚ Hiking sounds super fun. I haven't gone in a long time, but it'd be a great workout + time in nature.

      and YAAAAS I'm so glad that you're getting into contemporaries more with Small Town Hearts πŸ™‚ I hope you have a great month of reading too!!


  3. I’m sending you all the positive vibes for your exams, you’re gonna do amazing! ☺️✨ My final exams start at the end of April so we’ll see how that goes haha
    I’m so happy for you that you reached so many of your goals, and I hope April is fantastic for you!

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  4. Wowww!! So!! Many!! Contemporaries!! πŸ’«βœ¨ So happy you had a good month last month!! I think I’m gonna start reading Starry Eyes this April since I’m seeing people hyping it everywhere!! And I’m intrigued! 😱 Also, sending you good vibes for your exams! βœ¨πŸ’•

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    1. Aww I’m sorry you didn’t have that great of a month for March, Steph 😦 I definitely hope you have a better month of reading during April!! I’ve heard great things about The Boy Who Steals Houses so I hope you also love it ❀ and awww thank you so much for loving my Insta πŸ™‚


  5. ALL THE FOOD I’m just way too hungry right now haha. I’m so happy you had a lovely reading month, my contemporary-heart is just bursting with happiness at all of these lovely books you’ve read. And your instagram is absolutely stunning ❀
    I hope you will have a wonderful April ❀

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  6. So lucky you got the one good week for coming home!! Hopefully you had lots of fun- now’s the last stretch and summer will be here!!! 😊

    Oh wow! Thoses instagram posts are just stunning 😍 happy you enjoyed all the books you’ve read, and congrats on your first blog tour!! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!! It’s the final stretch of exams before finally ~summer~ πŸ™‚ I’m super excited!! I hope you’ve been able to have some breaks in between the business of life ❀

      And awww thank you so much for loving my Instagram posts!! I had so much fun taking picutres, and I'm hoping to read more amazing books in April. I hope you get to read a bunch in April, Kristina ❀

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      1. Ah yeah- though I don’t get a spring break nor summer anymore I dint get to study for exams! Ahaha si thats pretty chill πŸ˜‰ I like my job, it’s not very hard, though the « sometimeΒ Β» super harsh customer..

        Thank you ❀️

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  7. aww looks like you had a great month!! i’m so happy you read so many great contemporaries. i’ve only read about 3 contemps this year which is crazy but i think its because i love fantasy SO much. also your photos are so cute but not as cute as you!!good luck on your finals in may ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aww thank you and you’re the cute one ❀ i LOVE fantasy too, but i haven't been reading that many this year??? it's sooo weird! i guess i've been defaulting to contemporaries since they're so much easier to pick up for me! i hope that we'll both have a fun April of reading and in general~~

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  8. Happy April, Tiffany! I’m so happy you got to go back home and had a great spring break, and also that you’re so close to summer.✨All the contemporaries you read are ones that I am so excited for- Small Town Hearts especially!! Wishing you the most wonderful AprilπŸ’˜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy April to you too, Olivia!! I hope that you’re also having a great time in school. ❀ I'm so so excited for you to read Small Town Hearts!! It was so cute and wonderful πŸ™‚ It'll also definitely get you in the summer vacation mood. Happy Reading for April!!

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  9. Your wrap-ups always look so amazing and aesthetic (I know I’ve said this so many times but I love you and your blog sm, always)!! I’m so happy that you were able to completely most of your goals!!!! Cannot relateee lmaooo. Also, I’ve been seeing so much hype around Small Town Hearts, should I read it???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. JULES…have i told you i adored you recently?? I’m so so happy that you think my posts are aesthetic ❀ ❀ ❀ because I love you and your blog too. Your featured images are so colorful and beautiful~ and SHHHH you should be proud because you read 12 FREAKING BOOKS!! and YESSSS you should totally read Small Town Hearts. It's just so freaking cute but also sentimental?? and it'll 100% make you hungry!

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  10. Your wrap-up posts always include so much food and I kinda really love that!
    March sounded like a very good reading month, filled with amazing reads. I’m glad you enjoyed The Trials of Apolo; was it a re-read or are you reading it for the first time? I love the sidekicks in this series a lot; they’re so unique, charming and quirky. Apolo is also hilarious, so I always appreciate his narration. I have yet to read the third book and I don’t know why I’ve been procrastinating it for so long!
    I also have a Scribd account and considering I mostly read backlist titles, I’m pretty satisfied with their selection. But it is true that they don’t have many new releases. I am still enjoying it a lot and it’s helped me to read a lot more, since I can multitask thanks to it.
    Wishing you luck on all your exams and a great April! πŸ’ž

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you so much!! It makes me so so happy to hear that you love them ❀ and hehe I'm just a foodie at heart!

      I was reread the first Trials of Apollo book, and it was my first time listening to the second. I thought it was good but not as great as the OG series. I think since I'm older now, it was a little harder to get invested into the new characters. I'm still debating reading the 3rd book :O

      and !! I started using a Scribd account, and I really like the offerings they have. I wish they had more and not as many limitations on how many you can listen to, but it's pretty useful so far. I think I'll continue with it πŸ™‚

      I hope you also have a fantastic April. Happy Reading ❀ πŸ™‚

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  11. Tiffany that picture of tacos has me SO HUNGRY and wanting to go back to SoCal immediately!!! I am glad your visit to Los Angeles was during the lack of rain.

    Thanks so much for sharing my CMA guidelines post, and I hope you are having a wonderful April!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh of course I’d share it Kal!! It was such a helpful post that I think we all need to know πŸ™‚ I’m also hungry just looking back at that photo now too!! I hope you’re doing well and reading great books in April too ❀


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