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Good Morning, friends!! A few weeks ago, I shared many of my favorite books alongside one of my favorite breakfast foods…pancakes…in The Pancake Book Tag. 🥞💛 Today, we’re exploring the flip side of the pancakes vs. waffles debate by diving into The Waffle Book Tag which is an original tag created by the most internet-famous waffle lover herself, Kat from Novels and Waffles! Thank you so much Kat for tagging me in your lovely creation, and I hope you all enjoy reading:

The Rules
  • Link back to the original creator, Kat @ Novels & Waffles 
  • Feel free to use any of the waffle graphics in this post, just make sure to credit me (pretty pretty please with lots of maple syrup on top)
  • Tag as many people as you want (or don’t want) to. No pressure here, folks 🙂

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Call me basic…but this book is such a classic!! Elizabeth Bennett is the independent, passionate reader that I have always aspired to be like, and though this book was originally published in 1813, it’s still a timeless piece of literature because the writing and messages were so ahead of its time. ✨📚 Jane Austen explores themes of romance, responsibility, pride & prejudice (of course), as well as the expectations placed on women in this 18th-century satirical comedy. The movie starring Kiera Knightley is also one of my FAVES. The scenery is beautiful, the humor (especially from Mrs. Bennett is so enjoyable), and the ANGST from the romance is just the OG creation of enemies-to-lovers!!

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. I know I talk about this trilogy way too much for my own good, but it is just the perfect cutesy rom-com I NEED in my life. 💖🍰 The first book itself is good, but the second and third are NEXT LEVEL. You just can’t help but fall in love with all the characters as they grow throughout each book and as you become a part of the family. Even though I consider myself to be more like Margot, I definitely am in love with Lara Jean’s aesthetic! From the soft pink pastel to her baking hobby, I honestly think I’ve unconsciously started to become her character. 🥰

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Art by Viria on Tumblr and DevianArt

Percy Jackson & the Olympians by Rick Riordan. Speaking of another series that I spend way too much time talking about…Percy Jackson is THE series that really pushed me from a casual reader to an absolute bibliophile. I adore Rick Riordan’s characters with all my heart AKA I will protect Percabeth and Solangelo to the end of time(!!) They feel like close friends who I’ve grown up with and uh watched save the world multiple times. I’m really hoping that Uncle Rick will one day write a happy epilogue book with everyone doing well in their adulthood and laughing at jokes together. 🤧💙

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Prince Henry from Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston. I had such a hard time deciding which character to pick for this prompt but then it hit me…which character is the most cinnamon roll out of all of the cinnamon rolls??? Prince Henry of Whales!! He is just such a precious character who is easy to adore and root for in the political romance of the decade. ❤️💙 I’ve already gushed about this book endlessly, but Alex and Henry are just SO WONDERFUL together and deserve everything. Their friendship with all the other characters is #squadgoals, and this book was a perfect indulgence.

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Somewhere Only We Know by Maurene Goo. Although this book was a cutesy contemporary and explored the K-Pop industry, I thought it definitely had its sad and introspective moments. 🎵🎤 Lucky and Jack, the main characters of the story, would often discuss the expectations family or society would have on them and how it impacted the choices they made. While the overall story was enjoyable and explored the fun and food Hong Kong had to offer, it also was a very reflective story about following your passions and living your life despite others’ expectations.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screen-shot-2019-04-26-at-11.06.21-pm-e1556338043375.png

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. My blog is primarily a Young Adult book blog, but over time summer, I decided to pick up something different that I was still majorly interested in. Marie Kondo’s book and philosophy centers around a single question: does it spark joy? 🌟 It has an almost spiritual and emotional component that asks you to reflect on the materialistic mindset that many of us easily fall into. I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot recently, especially in the context of reading and blogging, and I’m considering writing a post about why you should KonMari your blogging life.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screen-shot-2019-04-26-at-11.06.21-pm-e1556338043375.png

Legend by Marie Lu. I remember reading this series when I was younger, and I was just so SHOOKETH by the final ending in Champion. I was a crying mess at what happened to June and Day and Eden and AGHHHH. I reread the series again via audiobook last year, and I was still just as emotionally affected. Luckily, the 4th book Rebel will be out later this year, and we can finally be reconnected with the wonderful characters and wistfully dream of a happy ending for them. 😌💛

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My Kindle Paperwhite! Before this purchase, I used to own a 2nd Generation Kindle that I constantly used, but last year, I decided to treat myself for my birthday and upgrade to a Kindle Paperwhite. Let me just say…BEST DECISION EVER. 📱 The Kindle Paperwhite is so much lighter to physically carry and having a backlight for reading is game-changing. I actually prefer e-books to physical books to begin with, so this was an easy prompt for me to answer. I often switch between reading on the Kindle app on my phone and my actual Kindle, but overall, it’s been such a breeze to hold and use!

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Tagging my wonderful friends 💕:

Do you prefer pancakes or waffles?

Did any book in this tag catch your eye?

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38 thoughts on “The Waffle Book Tag

  1. seeing your aesthetic and Kat’s combined was an EXPERIENCE. my eyes are truly blessed. And I loved reading your answers to do this–I should really get to this tag myself!

    To All the Boys is the perfect sweet book! personally, I relate the most to Kitty because I’m the youngest of the three girls myself, and I act like it haha. Also, the impact that Rick Riordan has is amazing. Solangelo is also my fave, and their one of the first LGBT couples I came across in literature!

    P.S. I would read the heck out of that post about Konmari-ing your blogging life!


    1. MWHAHAHA We actually did a collab a while back called “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” which Kat came up with which I thought was a genius title. and YES YOU SHOULD DO IT. I honestly really considered tagging you but I thought you’d be busy with school atm.

      TATB is honestly such a fave. I think I can see you being like Kitty because you’re also pretty independent and strong in your beliefs (in a good way). Solangelo was also one of my first LGBT couples I saw in books when I was younger too, and I just really love how Rick Riordan continues to try and give a platform to others!!

      afkljsdfajlkfs THANK YOU i really want to write it but i think i need to give myself a proper KonMari time to clean out twitter and my feed and everything~~


  2. Loved your answers, Tiffany 🙂 And hell yes for that posts about KonMari your blogging life 😛
    True, To all the boys I’ve Loved Before series is so wholesome. It has all the feels and so many important topics explored.


    1. Thank you, Sim!! It’s in the planning process, and I hope it will eventually come together. TATB is honestly such a fave that I will love forever. It’s so sweet and enjoyable to read ❤


  3. I’m reading this post from your site rather than reader (I need to do this more often) and I forgot how stunning your blog aesthetic is!!
    I loved reading your answers to this post. To All The Boys is so wholesome I just <3. It’s also one of the few books where I can say the film adaptation is just as good as the book – cannot wait for the rest of them! Feb 2020 needs to hurry up!
    Despite enemies to lovers being one of my fave tropes, I haven't read Pride & Prejudice which is so bad. It’s such a timeless classic and I really need to get to it!
    & also yes to KonMari blogging! I haven’t read Marie Kondo’s book yet but I am meaning to!


    1. AWWW thank you emme!! I definitely also love reading posts on the actual blog versus on reader (Because you get to see all the pretty layout versus just a white background 😂) TATB is forever my fave ❤️ I’m honestly so so excited for the next 2 movies. and fakjdslkfjalksfj you need to watch Pride and Prejudice at least!! The aesthetics of it are just so beautiful. I think you’d love it. 🥰


  4. oh NO, are we supposed to take sides between pancakes and waffles??? the pain, the betrayal 😭😭
    the pride and prejudice gif hit me right in the feels, i absolutely adore the story. jane austen really invented enemies-to-lovers, she did that

    to all the boys i’ve loved before is SUCH a comfort read and the aesthetic is too beautiful. i’m currently reading ‘somewhere only we know’ and i’m impressed so far at how it’s doing such a good job at balancing the cute stuff with the hard ‘expectation’ stuff and i can’t wait to read more
    THE ENDING OF LEGEND KILLED ME!! i just remember reading that last line and thinking how evil marie lu was. we suffered sO MUCH for that series, we completely deserve the 4th book to be filled with happiness and sunshine

    wow now i’m hungryyyyy 😭 and my immediate tbr is longer, so good job and THANK YOU SO MUCH for tagging me, you are entirely too sweet 💖💖


    1. I KNOW I FELT THE SAME WAY (but i actually think i prefer pancakes #oops) but this tag was too much fun to not do! alkfdsjlkfjaslkf SHE DID REALLY DO THAT. LIZZIE BENNET WAS *THAT* GIRL

      akfljsaklfjs YESSS i think somewhere only we know is a little more melancholy than tatbilb but i still enjoyed it so much!! I KNOW THE ENDING OF LEGEND IS LIKE UGHH MY HEART thank goodness we have a 4th book coming out this year 😭

      MAYYYY PLEASE DO THIS TAG!! i’d love to see your book recs and all your answers to this prompt!!


  5. Loved reading your answers Tiffany! ♥ And I very much agree, Prince Henry is a cinnamon roll, and I wanted to protect him throughout the whole novel.He deserves so much happiness, and I love him SO MUCH. I only read the Legend trilogy this year, but I very much finished Champion in complete tears, heartbroken and everything. I knew Rebel was coming out this year, but it still did not help. I can’t wait to finally read it and have my sweet June, Day & Eden back ♥


    1. aww thank you, noemie!! he is SUCH a cinnamon roll and we can form a protection #squad for him. he and alex deserve EVERYTHING(!!)

      fkjaslfjakslfj it’s ok at least you read the end of champion very close to the release date of rebel (meanwhile *in harry potter prizoner of azkaban voice* I DID MY WAITING SINCE MIDDLE SCHOOL) but i’m so glad for you. i can’t wait for all our amazing characters to come back!!

      i hope you do this tag sometime!! ❤️


  6. YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES TO PRIDE & PREJUDICE (see what I did there 😏) Have you seen the BBC adaptation of P&P? Because honestly after I watched that, nothing else could live up to its glory 😂 Also I mean…a whole SERIES about Lizzie & Mr. Darcy – need I say more?!

    I love this tag so so so much, you can totally tell that Kat wrote it bc it’s so sweet & wholesome! 😍

    💛 Ngoc


    1. YESSSSS I LOVE IT (AND YOUUUUU) I haven’t seen the BBC adaptation but just LOVE the version with Kiera Knightley. The aesthetics of it were just *mwha* AMAZING!!

      i hope you do this tag sometime because i loved to see your answers, ngoc!! and the aesthetics and everything are so on brand to Kat!


      1. Omggggg and the casting for it was just ON POINT!! I need to rewatch it soon, it’s been far too long 😍

        Definitely keen to do the tag, if only so I can spread Kat’s waffly sweet aesthetics!!


        💛 Ngoc


  7. Thank you for the tag, love! Kelly @ Another Book in the Wall tagged me in the Pancake one so now I can do two food ones! I love food … especially breakfast food … so this is awesome.

    The Lara Jean series is TOTALLY wholesome, 100% agree with you. I actually really like her character … I’d be friends with her 🙂

    AWE!!! Prince Henry! Honestly, most of the characters in that book are just … ugh … I love them so much!

    Great list, darlin’! ❤


    1. YES!! I think it’s so cute how there are two types of tags that are breakfast food related.

      Lara Jean is one of my favorite characters ever (tho I do think I’m more like Margot) and I am just in love with her aesthetic 🥰

      and YES!! RW&RB was just so amazing!! I really love it so much. I’m so glad that you enjoyed this tag, and I hope you get a chance to do it!


      1. Me too! I totally feel for her on so many levels. I think it’s book one or two where someone tells her how she likes the IDEA of love but when it comes to committing to it, she backs away. I TOTALLY felt this on SO MANY LEVELS!

        I JUST finished mine — I think it’s publishing next week!


  8. omg I didn’t realize the difference between the pancake book tag and the waffle book tag and I literally did a freaking double take when I saw the graphics were completely different lmaoooo. also I feel like I’ve seen you use that marie kondo gif to talk about drama and it just made me laugh bc this time you’re actually using it for the book hahaaa. marie kondo is literally a queen.


    1. LMAO i think the graphics for both are just soooo cute (tho i do love eating pancakes more than waffles) alfjsdklfjs Marie Kondo is such a fairy omg


  9. Love all your answers, Tiffany! ❤ This tag is literally the cutest. Pride and Prejudice is the BEST classic ever, and no one can convince me otherwise. Jane Austen truly was ahead of her time! I feel the exact same way about Somewhere Only We Know, and Percy Jackson fills me with so much nostalgia as well! My Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best purchases I've made in my life. I truly don't know how I managed to read books before it! Haha!


    1. FJASLKFAKLS THANK YOU KELLY!! I hope you do this tag too because I’d love to see your answers. ❤️ and you’re honestly so right….JANE AUSTEN TRULY WAS AHEAD OF HER TIME. The Kindle Paperwhite is honestly such a great invention. We’re both really lucky to have one in our lives 😂


  10. * gasp * Trying to make me choose between pancakes and waffles?? Inhumane 😂 All your answers are so perfect! And there’s no such thing as spending *too* much time talking about Percy Jackson. I can’t believe I still haven’t read Legend! I’ve heard so many people rave about the series, and I enjoyed Marie Lu’s other books so why have I not picked this up yet?? Also, yess, Kindles are the best accessory ever!


    1. MWHAHHAA (because that was totally master plan all along) I completely agree with you there. We could honestly talk about Percy Jackson and the gang for FOREVERRRR fjksalfjlas CHANA (no shame but slight friendly shame) YOU HAVE TO READ LEGEND!!! Especially since the 4th book is coming out this year and we’ve had to wait YEARS for it. I think in middle school Legend was one of my favorite series alongside PJO so I think you’ll really enjoy it ❤️


  11. omg the Pride and Prejudice movie with Kiera Knightley is my all time favorite movie of all timeeeeeee, definitely an OG enemies to lovers. why can’t our men dress like Mr. Darcy these days?


    1. YES!! I’m honestly so in love with the aesthetics and all the gorgeous outfits of that time 😍 I wish we could dress like that now!!


    1. Yes!! It’s honestly one of the best movies out there. TATBILB is SO AMAZING, and I’m glad that you also really enjoy using your Kindle too!!


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