My Most Highly Anticipated Books for 2020

Taylor Swift once said, “It was the end of a decade but the start of an age,” and she’s not wrong because it’s time to fangirl all about the amazing books that are going to be released in the upcoming year(!!) The roaring 2020s is looking ~amazing~ with the all-star lineup of books, and I couldn’t be more excited for all of them. 😍

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

Enemies-to-lovers? Yummy food descriptions? Anonymous flirting over text message? 😍 It all comes together in an absolutely adorable romance with lovable characters and an even more amazing plot in Tweet Cute. This book is honestly going to be one of the top highlights of 2020. Pepper and Jack (haha get it?) each run their family restaurant’s respective Twitter accounts, and when a Tweet war over a grilled cheese sandwich goes viral, ✨ SPARKS FLY ✨ both online and offline.

Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen

I’ve fangirled about this book so so much, but it’s honestly because I love it with my entire heart. πŸ₯ΊπŸ’– The Taiwanese-rep, the heart-wrenching love triangle, and the super fun and exciting plot make this story easily one of my favorites of all-time! Loveboat, TaipeiΒ follows the story of Ever Wong at an educational summer academy in Taipei notoriously known as Loveboat for its lack of adult supervision, beginning a summer filled with friendship, romance, and adventure.

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Time of Our Lives by Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka

It’s no secret that I’m an absolute fangirl for Emily & Austin’s debut and sophomore novels, Always Never Yours and If I’m Being Honest, and I couldn’t be more excited for Book #3. Their writing is always so fun and fresh, and you can’t help but be completely captivated by their stories. Their 2020 release follows Fitz Holton and Juniper Ramirez as they cross paths on a college tour. πŸŽ“πŸ’›

These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong

Since Chloe Gong’s debut novel doesn’t have an official cover posted yet, I had to scour through her Twitter timeline to find her iconic low budget, Comic Sans book trailer. πŸ‘‘πŸŽ¬ Chloe Gong is honestly a meme QUEEN, and her all-star personality and love for stabby knives have made her upcoming release one of my most highly anticipated for the year. Her retelling of Romeo and Juliet set in 1920s Shanghai is bound to be a spectacular hit, and I can’t wait to read it!

Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare

This cover(!!) I swoon. 😍✨ I honestly adore the Shadowhunter world, and Will Herondale and Tessa Gray from The Infernal Devices hold a special place in my heart. SO getting a book set in ~London~ featuring their children is going to be a highlight of 2020. James and Cordelia Herondale are essentially my bookish children, and I’m honestly so so excited to be reunited with these characters and this universe.

What I Like About You by Marisa Kanter

I already know that this is going to be one of the ~cutest~ reads of 2020. Featuring a super relatable protagonist who’s also a book blogger and lover of cupcakes (omg like me!!) and an adorkable nerdy and artistic love interest, this contemporary is bound to make many hearts swoon. πŸ§πŸ’ž It features so many incredible topics such as family, identity, and the validity of online friendships which I’m sure many of us can appreciate.

Keep It Together, Keiko Carter by Debbie Michiko Florence

First off, this cover is absolutely adorable and gives me so many To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before meets Disney Channel Original series vibes, and I couldn’t be more excited for this upcoming Middle-Grade release! πŸŽ€πŸ’™ Filled with friendships, fallouts, flirting, and the occasional bubble tea, this is a book I would have adored reading in middle school myself, but I’m so excited that it’ll be shared with the rest of the world this May!

The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu

I remember reading the Legend series in high school and feeling so excited to be able to support an Asian author, and the talented Marie Lu is back again with another amazing release, delving into her first historical fiction piece. The Kingdom of Back explores the music, magic, and sibling bonds through following the sister-brother duo of Nannerl and Wolfgang Mozart. πŸŽ΅πŸ’« Of course, as your stereotypical Asian American who grew up playing piano, I couldn’t be more excited to see how she crafts this story.

Forest of Souls by Lori M Lee

Can we take a second to appreciate this flawless cover?? πŸ–€πŸŒŸ It’s honestly stunning, and I’m so excited to be captivated by Lori Lee’s beautiful fantasy world where she weaves familiar elements of western fantasy with cultural influences inspired by Hmong shamanism. On Goodreads, she writes “Forest of Souls is about fighting to belong against every effort to push you out,” and I love all the themes of sisterhood and perseverance the story covers.

Unravel the Dusk (Spin the Dawn #2) by Elizabeth Lim

Spin the Dawn was one of my most highly anticipated releases of 2019, and it’s safe to say that it exceeded all my expectations. 🧡✨ Elizabeth Lim had me captivated in the first page by the intricate worldbuilding and personable characters and left me speechless with her final words. Everything about her writing is entertaining, whimsically artistic, and magical, and I can’t wait to see the story continue in Book #2.

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What are your most highly anticipated releases for 2020?

Are any of these books on your radar?

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53 thoughts on “My Most Highly Anticipated Books for 2020

    1. ahh oh my gosh i really really hope you love it!! it was such an amazing read, and i adored it so so much 😍


  1. OKAY, I have never heard of These Violent Delights but the video you posted sold me. I love that! I haven’t heard of this one at all, but now I’m super stoked for it!


    1. yes!! i’m really glad that it’s on your radar now because i’m so excited for it 😍 chloe is also just such a phenomenal person, and i’m in love with all her updates on twitter. she’s super funny so i can only imagine how great the writing in her book will be!!


  2. I have not heard of These Violent Delights before, but the video you posted sold me on it! It’s sounds epic! Thanks for shedding a light on it.:D


  3. I didn’t realize there were so many books that I’m looking forward to coming out this year!! This post was lovely and got me super excited for the new decade.πŸ’“βœ¨What I Like About You sounds SO ADORABLE! The fact that there’s going to be a book about a book blogger makes me so happy, and the love of cupcakes is an added bonus.


    1. Right?? I get so excited writing these types of posts because it hypes me up for the new year 😍 We’re going to BLESSED with such amazing reads!! I can’t wait for us to read What I Like About You too πŸ’–


  4. I didn’t even catch the Pepper + Jack joke in Tweet Cute until now! Oh that’s hilarious πŸ˜‚ I’m also super looking forward to Unravel the Dusk, and some of these others I hadn’t even heard of before now, so thanks for bringing them to my attention! 😊


    1. Right?? I think it’s super funny and cute, and the book is filled with even more adorable puns πŸ₯° I’m glad that you found some amazing reads through this list!!


  5. Love love LOVE Tweet Cute eeekkk!! I can’t wait for people to read it *insert all the heart eyes*

    Also omg Loveboat Taipei sounds so good?? CAN’T WAIT!!

    That Forest of Souls cover? YES. And also can’t wait for KIngdom of Back

    BUT CHAIN OF FREAKING GOLD AHHH!! I’M LITERALLY DYING I NEED IT *grabby hands* People getting ARCs omgggg so jealous


    1. AHHH I KNOW!! I can’t wait for everyone to read it because it’s just so amazing!! I sincerely hope that it gets a lot of love πŸ₯°

      and yes!! it was AH-MAZING!! I hope you love it. I adore that we have such great releases next year, but I’m impatient and wish I could read all of them now πŸ₯ΊπŸ’–

      One of my friends is getting an ARC for Chain of Gold and I’m so jelly!! Hopefully, I’ll be able to borrow it 😍


    1. Thank you!! I hope you were able to find some exciting releases to add to your TBR for next year 😍 I adore Cassie’s books, and I can’t wait for Chain of Gold πŸ’–


  6. I can’t wait to read Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare! I loved James and his parabatai in Simon’s book. Some other books I’m exited for are The Sinner by J.R. Ward and Imagine Me by Tahereh Mafi.


    1. Yes!! I felt the same way because I adored him and his parabatai in ghosts of the shadow market 😍 I really want to reread Tahereh Mafi’s books too!


  7. Chloe Gong’s These Violent Delights is definitely very high on my list of books I’m so excited for in 2020. I can’t believe it’s an end-of-the-year release, I need that book like yesterday. I’ve wanted to read it ever since I found out about it, and while I’m not prepared for all the feels, if someone were to give me this book right this second, I would read it (and cry).
    I’m also so excited for a new Marie Lu book! β™₯ I read two of her series in 2019 and she quickly became one of my favourite authors. The Kingdom of Back is bound to be amazing.
    That was such a lovely post, and I hope you enjoy every single book on this list!


    1. AHhh!! I know just how you feel 😍 I love Chloe so much, and I can’t wait to support her release this year and afjlkasfjaslfj i feel the same way?? I hope there are ARCs but I also don’t want to get my hopes up 😭

      Thank you for reading my posts, and I hope you have a lovely 2020!!


  8. I am so glad you put Loveboat, Taipei on my radar, because it sounds sooooo good indeed! 2020 will be a good year for contemporary releases, I feel like, which is good for me, since it’s my favorite genre. One of my most anticipated releases is Loveless, by Alice Oseman. I recently read Radio Silence by her and fell in love with her writing style; plus, this one centers around an ace-aro main character, so it’s even more meaningful for me. Amazing list, Tiffany! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Ahhh I’m so so excited for you to read it!! I love it so much. I recently got Radio Silence so I’m super excited to read that. I’m really glad to hear that you love her writing style.

      I hope you’re having a wonderful start to the new year!! πŸ’–


  9. I still need to read Spin The Dawn but I can’t wait to finally get started on it, it sounds amazing. I literally can’t wait for Kingdom Of back and Chain Of Gold either. Plus I agree, that cover is gorgeous 😍 2020 has some incredible sounding books coming out.


  10. These books all look amazing!!! i’m now obsessed with these violent delights because that trailer??? MASTERPIECE. Spin the Dawn was so good and i forgot the next one was out this year?? but now it’s made my day. The cover of forest of souls is so pretty! i could stare at it for days!! Another book I’m really excited for is Star Daughter!!


    1. Right?? Chloe is also super funny and awesome. I really can’t wait to support her book 😍 I can’t wait for all of these amazing books this year!!


    1. right?? i already want to reread it because i loved it so much and it had a great happy ending 😍


    1. You’ll love them so much and ahhhh you have to read an Emily/Austin novel!! They’re my contemporary writing Queen and King πŸ₯°


  11. Aaaah I have several of these on my radar already but I’m just going to plop some more on, thank you for feeding my fluffy contemporary addiction Tiffany hehe. 2020 is shaping up to be a great year for new releases I think!


  12. Great list, Tiffany! I certainly need to add a few (or all hehe) of the books to my tbr! I cannot wait to read Tweet Cute and Loveboat Taipei! “Enemies-to-lovers? Yummy food descriptions? Anonymous flirting over text message?” Basically everything I live for in contemporary YA. 😌 After reading If I’m Being Honest, I am officially obsessed with Emily and Austin!


    1. Ahh Thank you!! You’re going to love all of these reads. and WHOOO I’m excited that you’re a fan of Emily & Austin now. They’re just too sweet πŸ₯°


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