Travel Diaries: A Week in Taiwan

This past week I took a mini-hiatus on the blog (if you noticed I was gone), and I spent a week in Taiwan. 🇹🇼✈️ Although Read By Tiffany is primarily a book blog, I occasionally share other fun content such as recipes and starting today, travel adventures! ✨ I took A LOT of photos of food and places I visited so I wanted to share it with everyone.

If you’ve ever been to a Taiwanese convenience store like 7-Eleven or Family Mart, you’ll find that they’re FILLED with all types of treats from flavored drinks to buns to cooked sweet potatoes and bento boxes. I’ve always wanted to try this brand of banana milk (note: it’s a Korean brand tho not Taiwanese), and it was really good!! I personally like strawberry milk more but it was still really yummy. 🍓🥛

I also went to Raohe Night Market (bottom right photo), and a night market is essentially an open market place with tons of food stalls, games, and other treats. 😍 I’d highly recommend visiting a night market if you’re ever in Taiwan! My friends and I would play on the claw machine. I personally tried to win a banana plushie but was unsuccessful. 🍌 I tried a bunch of my favorite foods like Taiwanese sausage, sticky tofu, black pepper pork buns, etc.

Another popular tourist attraction in Taiwan is the restaurant Din Tai Fung which is known for its yummy soup dumplings, and they’re all made in-house. 🥟 Since I visited between Christmas and Chinese New Year, a lot of the city was decorated with lights which I found very pretty and just had to take pictures. 💫

I honestly ate so much these past few days, but I have zero regrets because there was something amazing around each corner. Asian bakeries are my favorite because they have so many types of assorted flavors from pineapple buns to chocolate walnut to scallion to ham and cheese. 🍞 The buns are also nicely decorated in different shapes and sizes (peep the panda buns!!), and all the various types of cakes inspire my inner baker. 🍰

I could honestly eat Taiwanese food forever and ever. 🤤💖 Two of my all-time favorite Taiwanese treats are braised pork rice, or 滷肉饭 (pronounced: lǔ ròu fàn), which is delicious and fatty pork over fluffy rice and 油條 (pronounced:  yóu tiáo) which are fried pieces of dough and a common component of Taiwanese breakfast. 😍 I also visited a supermarket that had huge selections of sushi and instant ramen.

A lot of bakeries also sold non-Asian treats such as macarons and tiramisu. The top right photo is also of stinky tofu that I got from the night market! It’s filled with garlic sauce and served with pickled cabbage. Even though it might smell, it’s filled with amazing flavor. If you’re ever in Taiwan, be sure to visit a stationery store too! ✏️ I bought a bunch of highlighters and sticky notes because I wanted to start annotating some of my physical books his year.

Thank you all for reading about my adventures and indulging me in my Taiwan trip! 🥰❤️ Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to share my photos of other visits one day, and please let me know if you ever visit Taiwan.

Have you ever been to Taiwan?

Would you want to visit?

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23 thoughts on “Travel Diaries: A Week in Taiwan

  1. Ah, i love all these pictures! I love all the food you get to try when traveling and now I want to go to Taiwan right away just to get some yummy soup dumplings. Also that braised pork rice is making me hungry!

    Weirdly, the best bakery i EVER visited was in Beijing, and it said it was a french bakery. I wish I knew more about food, and could tell whether it was french based or more asian with a french twist. But sadly, sophomore year college me (and even me today) was not much of a foodie. And when i went to china i owned a very OLD phone and didn’t take many pictures, if any at all. Wow, have things changed!


    1. Ahh thank you!! There so much amazing food in Taiwan, and now that I’m back in the States, I’m missing it so much 😭

      That’s so cool!! I think a lot of Asian bakeries take on a French/American/Western twist. There’s even a popular Asian bakery chain in Cali that’s called Paris Bakery 🙈


  2. Aaaah those lights look so pretty and the food looks yummy! I’m so glad you had a good time and thank you for sharing it with us on your blog love! I’ve only been abroad once so far, and that was when I was 4 and I went to Disneyland Paris. It was still fun from the scattered memories I have of it still hehe.


    1. I’m so glad that you like my photos, and thank you for reading!! I really was excited to share them all, and ahhh I’m so jealous. I really want to go to Paris one day (especially Disney Paris) 😍


      1. Awww well I can’t still remember bits and pieces of Disneyland Paris…and I think my mum has the photos from it somewhere on a disc….so who knows maybe I’ll do a post about memories or I’ll just slide into your dms with photos if you wanted?


  3. Oh my god, Tiffany all those pictures are GORGEOUS. And now my mouth is watering…. oof.
    But seriously, your trip sounds amazing, as does Taiwan! I hope I get to travel there sometime in the future!


    1. YAYAY!! I’m glad that you loved my photos and enjoyed reading!! I hope you also get the chance to visit 🥰


    1. Haha that’s the goal!! I’m glad that you enjoyed reading, and I’m super excited for when you get to visit 😍


  4. omg tiffany this is amazing!!! you hit so many good places during this trip I cry (the pandas omg)

    (also…I think stinky tofu tastes just like regular tofu + like sauce. I am in the uh-oh-stinky-tofu club :S I am REALLY glad you like it though!!!)


    1. whooo!! i’m glad that you liked reading 🥰 and panda bunnnssss forever!! and it’s ok. most people don’t like sticky tofu but that means it’s more for me 😋


  5. This post has made me dreadfully hungry, Tiffany! I looks like you had a wonderful trip, and I enjoyed the photos and places you shared. I’d love to visit Taiwan someday… I’ll have to ask for your recommendations when I get to planning stages.


    1. Yay! I’m glad that it made you hungry, and I hope you get the chance to visit one day. There’s so many good food to eat and so many fun places to visit 🥰


    1. i had so much fun and really loved it!! i hope you get a chance to visit taiwan because it’s so beautiful and lively 🥰


    1. Thank you!! I had such a great time, and I hope I can go back soon 😍 I really wanted to win one of the plushies so badly!


  6. awww, I’m so happy you had fun, Tiffany!! ❤ The pictures look AMAZING and oh my, I think I could eat those sweets forever and never get sick!!! And I love your little stationary haul at the end 😛


    1. aww thank you!! i’m so glad that you enjoyed my photos, and yesss they’re soooo good. i have such a sweet tooth 😍


  7. omg i love taiwan, and it seems like you had such an amazing time there! the night markets are my absolute favorite and i love the food ❤ i just finished lunch but now i'm hungry all over again and practically drooling over all the food pics you took 😂


    1. it was such a fun time and i just really really want to go back 😭 i get hungry just thinking about it too! ❤️


    1. Ahhh I’m so glad that you loved all the photos, and I hope you get the chance to visit sometime after college because it’s such a wonderful place 🥰


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