101 Thoughts While Watching P.S. I Still Love You

Hello, friends!! πŸ˜πŸ’Œ I know it hasn’t been that long, but it feels like forever. Maybe it’s because I’m just super jittery and excited to fangirl about my most favorite trilogy ever…To All the Boy’s I Loved Before!!

If you couldn’t tell, I have (subconsciously) absorbed Lara Jean’s personality into my own, and I have been waiting for this movie forever. I reread the entire trilogy last month in preparation for the movie as part of subtle asian book club. Today, I’m sharing ✨ all my thoughts ✨ on the movie as I frantically record my inner monologue!

1. Lara Jean dancing around her room reminds me of a ballerina.

2. I’m loving her outfits!! The yellow dress feels very flapper/La La Land?

3. OMG, I love Kitty. She has the best commentary…“Have you even showered?” πŸ˜‚

4. I think some of the funniest moments are when Lara Jean replies to Kitty in a deadpan way. Example 1: First movie. “Lara Jean I sent the letters.” “I’m gonna kill you.” and Example 2: “Have you even showered?” “Get out.”

5. Her red dress is sooooo pretty. πŸ₯ΊπŸ’–

6. I love how supportive her family is of her and Peter.

7. I want a boy to bring me flowers. I also think it’s super cute how he brought a small flower for Kitty too. πŸ’

8. Did you notice how they cut out the part where he goes “11 o’ clock…like always” which was in the trailer from the final cut?

9. These city lights(!!) πŸŒƒ

10. I’ve always wanted to go on a fancy first date…like a place with two forks and fancy wine glasses. 🍽✨

11. You know what place has big menus…Cheesecake Factory. πŸ˜‰

12. I feel like Peter being dorky is a little endearing but also knowing me I’d probably be like “OMG YOU’RE SO EMBARASSING STAHP”

13. Are you really not gonna let us see what type of fancy food they’re eating on their first date??

14. I’m just like Lara Jean when it comes to driving. Everything is all fun and dandy until it starts snowing.

15. I really really love this trilogy so much, but I feel like right away I can tell it’s missing a little bit of the magic from the first movie…if that makes any sense?? πŸ’«

16. I love the idea of sending lanterns into the sky. It reminds me of Rapunzel and Eugene in Tangled!! βœ¨πŸ’œ

17. but then I’m also like….THE POLLUTION.

18. I’m SO JEALOUS that Lara Jean can pull off the big oversize coat look as a small asian girl because I look like my entire body disappears and I look like a child.

19. Aww that little dorky dance thing Peter just did at the end after he dropped LJ off was very endearing.

20. Margoooottttt!!! I wish you were there in person. You’re honestly the character I relate to the most (jk I’m LJ + Margot), but I want updates on you!

21. I love that they all did the traditional bow to the elders (including Dr. Covey)

22. I feel like Haven and Chris would be friends…or mortal enemies. πŸ–€

23. I also noticed that there’s A LOT more internal monologue from Lara Jean in this movie.

24. I love how protective Kitty is of LJ and Peter’s relationship!!

25. Awww Lara Jean and John Ambrose read Harry Potter together in a tree house. ⚑️

26. OOOO Lara Jean is left-handed.

27. They’re both Hufflepuffs!! πŸ’›

28. Note to self: Snickerdoodles are Lara Jean’s pensive bake.

29. Lara Jean really rocks headbands and mock turtlenecks!

30. I think it’s so cool how their school does Spring Service Commitments? That’s definitely a change from the books, and I don’t know if high schools actually do this.

31. I don’t know how I feel about including Trevor with a bigger role? I guess it does make sense? Truthfully, I was really worried that the film producers would be pandering to Noah Centineo and his boy squad…

32. Chris and Lucas are the BEST FRIENDS EVER. πŸ’–

33. Okay…I know Gen is a biatch but she’s realllyyyy prettyyyyy. πŸ™ˆ

34. SMH Peter. You don’t just leave a girl hanging like that….#douchemove


36. Okay, I think getting a snow globe as a prize is SUPER CUTE but like…I have never seen a carnival prize be a snow globe. Isn’t it always typically dolls and plushies and stickers??

37. Trina is not what I expected to look like. She’s so SMOL(!!) Their height difference!! 😍

38. I think it’s so cute how Lara Jean and Kitty are super supportive of their dad finding love again. It’s usually pretty awkward to think of your parent dating/re-marrying potentially, but they’re very open-minded.

39. WAIT WHERE’S JAMIE FOX PICKLE?? Where’s Kitty’s puppy??? 🐢

40. I really hope we get more interactions between Dr. Covey and Trina for sure. I also think they’re a lot more obviously flirting in the movie than in comparison to the books.

41. BRUH. Belleview is SO FANCY WHAT THE HECK.

42. Stormy is EXACTLY how I pictured her to be!! Stormyyyy Weatherrrrr β›ˆ

43. Wowie wow wow. Is John Ambrose McClaren a pre-med student? LOL

44. I think it’s cool how they’re doing parallels to the first movie where Lara Jean would daydream about Josh & Peter and not it’s Peter & John Ambrose.

45. I honestly LIVE for all of the baking scenes. Alrighty…I’m on a mission to bake cherry turnovers. (Note to self: Lara Jean adds lemons to her cherry compote)

46. I think it’s sweet how they still make Valentine’s Day gifts. I think I stopped doing that in middle school but I remember it was so much fun. I really love that their school gets super into it and even decorates the hallways.

47. I’m also always shook when a character dresses very nicely at home. I usually wear baggy clothes and look like a potato so I’m impressed that she still looks super cute.

48. Also, Lara Jean has the most adorable baby face. πŸ₯°

49. The concept of Valentine’s Day singing grams is so cute.


51. LOLOL I love that they’re singing “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. Also, I can’t really tell if Trevor is actually singing along or just lip syncing?

52. I would honestly be so peeved if girls were sending my boyfriend a bunch of Valentine’s Day cards. πŸ˜’

52. This Lucas and Lara Jean interaction about wearing the crown is sooo cute. I love it!

53. AHHH!! It’s the trackkkkkk. It’s the tableeeee. It’s where it all startedddddd. 😭

54. It would’ve been so funny if while they were kissing on the track, the coach went “hey you! stop it!” like in the first movie.

55. Call me unromantic but I would be cringing so hard if a boy wrote me a poem. (idk maybe it could be cute) 🀣

56. Is Chris #sponsored by Subway?

57. Chris lowkey reminds me of a younger version of Leigh Bardugo…like GOTH QUEEN πŸ‘‘πŸ–€

58. Honestly, Chris has so many valid points about sex. I’m really glad that they’re including this stuff in the movie because it’ll be important for young girls to know.

59. OMG I’m ded. “I think this is yours” *passes Subway sandwich to Trevor* I think it’s cute that they’re adding this surprise romance but it’s also a little unnecessary.

60. Lara Jean’s outfit is SO CUTE. She kinda looks like Arthur.

61 .Oooo they changed the content of John Ambrose’s letter, but I kinda like it. French Toast x Deviled Eggs.

62. LMAO They’re playing flip cup. It’s honestly a pretty nice set up for a high school party.

63. I really like how they’re including all of Lara Jean’s concerns about sex with Peter and his past relationship with Genevieve because they’re all SO VALID.

64. LOLOLOL I love how the bingo game is to win a wheel of aged gouda.

65. I really like how John Ambrose and Lara Jean are both sort of ✨ old souls ✨.

66. Aww I love how they kept references to “Peter K takes the last slice of pizza” and “John Ambrose’s peanut butter chocolate cupcakes” (tho I’m pretty positive the book was cake not cupcakes) πŸ•

67. Ooo they’re replacing the USO Party with the Star Ball.

68. I think it’s so funny how Peter is squeamish about dissecting the octopus. πŸ™

69. The shaadddeee from Kitty that Peter prefers salted caramel cupcakes to peanut butter chocolate. πŸ‘€

70. LARA JEAN HAS A CUPCAKE HOLDER. 🧁🧁🧁 Y’all don’t even know how long I have been wanting one of those. (okay a year) but it makes transporting cupcakes SO MUCH EASIER.

71. Awww I love Chris!! She’s just so cool walking up with a shovel LMAO.

72. OMG I can’t believe I had to hear the words “Time Value of Money” in this because as a Finance major, I hear this like every other day in class.

73. Gen you aflkasfjs you don’t bring up kissing your ex-boyfriend in front of his new girlfriend. THAT’S JUST NOT OKAY. 😑

74. OMG Peter is SO IMMATURE bringing up John Ambrose’s stutter just to make him feel uncomfortable…all because he’s jealous.

75. Okay, I can understand why Peter is jealous but also he has to realize he hasn’t exactly been an A+ boyfriend lately but also it was wrong of LJ to not tell John Ambrose that she has a boyfriend

76. (side note: i’m also lowkey surprised the treehouse can hold all of their weight.)

77. Lara Jean going, “Do you wanna break up?” after a small fight is honestly #me.


79. DOUBLE AWWW Dr. Covey and Trina flirting at the supermarket. 😭

80. Aww I really love how they have this second Thanksgiving, and it’s so important to their family. I also really like how they’re not awkward about explaining their mom’s story to Trina.



83. ok tbh…peter is kinda #trash. like what boyfriend would allow his ex-girlfriend to take a revenge video on his current girlfriend and not tell her??

84. okkk thiis part where she’s lip-syncing the sad song and there’s a closeup on her face is a little awks for me. it’s way too Glee LOL

85. I wasn’t feeling super sad at this breakup scene even though I know it’s meant to be sad? Maybe it’s because the breakup during the audiobook felt so much more emo.

86. I definitely wasn’t expecting Lara Jean to text Gen. LOLOL Gen is wearing UGG boots 🀣

87. I like that they’re taking the time to address their friendship, but it feels very rushed. It’s sucky that they don’t have more time to explain everything through.

88. I think they needed more time to talk about WHY exactly Lara Jean was upset because there were multiple times where Peter chose Genevieve and withheld information from his girlfriend.

89. I wish they included they kept the scene where Lara Jean found out the reason Genevieve was distressed was that her father was cheating on her mom.


91. I let out an audible “AWWW” when I saw Dr. Covey and Trina holding hands and walking. 😍

92. Okay but how did Stormy correctly guess Lara Jean’s exact dress size??

93. AWW Lara Jean got her princess entrance walking down the staircase to John Ambrose. Honestly, every girl deserves to have someone look at them the way that John Ambrose looked at her with adoration. πŸ₯Ίβ€οΈ


95. I think a lot of this book focused primarily on the love triangle, but I wish they showed more of the parallels/differences? between both guys.


97. Awww I like how Peter’s excuse was that he knew Lara Jean didn’t like driving in the snow and he’s there to pick her up. ❄

98. “Break my heart, Covey. Break my heart into a thousand pieces.” AWWWW 😭❀️

99. Okay, I definitely need to give this movie a couple more rewatches, and I feel like I’ll appreciate it a lot more after, but I think they should’ve included a little more after Peter showed up.

100. I think it’s really pretty that they’re walking back home at dawn, but also, this ending is missing something that the ending in the first movie had?? I feel incomplete?? πŸ˜•

101. OMG I totally forgot Margot only made like 1 appearance during the whole movie??

✨ Final Thoughts ✨

Overall, I still really enjoyed the movie because the series holds a special place in my heart. This movie was lacking that special ~spark~ that made the first movie feel magical, but I still had fun watching the sequel. I’m sad that they cut out the “Nobody Compare to You” song from the trailer. πŸ™

I wish that they included a lot more scenes from the books, but I also realize that with movies they have to pick and choose. πŸ’Œ They should’ve included more moments that built up the spark between Lara Jean and John Ambrose, the assassins game, and the tension/fights between Lara Jean and Peter.

If you’re interested, check out my reviews for the trilogy:

Have you watched the movie yet?

What were your thoughts?

Are you Team Peter or Team John Ambrose?

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41 thoughts on “101 Thoughts While Watching P.S. I Still Love You

  1. I loved the movie and most of my thoughts were actually very similar and honestly LJ’s baking made me hungry. It just looked so good.

    I honestly wished they included Gen’s dad cheating because that was one of the ending. It made me a little angry because this was important scene and they skipped over it.

    Also, I just read the second book recently and I feel like the movie focused more on LJ and John Ambrose than anything. I wanted to see Peter was hanging out with Gen more because of the rough patch, but it was only mentioned like a few times but I kinda remember Peter blowing off LJ.

    The spring commitment thing was also really weird. high schools don’t do that. My high school requires 30 community service hours along with the other graduation requirements, but it was so weird.

    The crown scene was the best. Like it was cute and Lucas was helping LJ. It was one of the best scenes in the movie.

    Valentines day is kinda a huge deal to my school, but I feel like their HS took a step farther. Singing grams, I’d be pretty embarrassed if it happened to me.


    1. Ahhh I so glad we had such similar thoughts!

      YESSSS I honestly want to bake cherry turnovers soooo badly because they looked so good.

      I also wish they kept the part about Gen’s dad cheating because that really explained a lot of what was happening.

      I remember Peter blowing off LJ a couple times in the book too, and the movie didn’t make it seem as big of a deal. Yea, I know some high schools do community service requirements, but it was interesting to see how they did it in the movie.

      My college does singing grams because our acappella groups sell them as fundraising efforts. I think it’d be pretty cool to receive one haha, and I wish my school was decorated like that!!

      Thank you for reading my post, Lori!! Sending Love πŸ’–


  2. Hi! New to reading your blog! And I loved reading your inner monologue while watching! I haven’t gotten the chance to read the books, but I did buy them so I could read it from Jenny Han’s personal writing.

    From a person who hasn’t read the books, but whole heartedly so deep in love with books and find Lara Jean as a representation of my middle school/high school years. I loved the movie overall, but felt there were some things missing. And I truly felt even with less scenes as you mentioned in the book, some scenes still needed more time. Maybe making the movie longer would’ve allowed for more time to give each part the dialogue it needed. I don’t know, but I will always re-watch this movies 10000000x times over. πŸ™‚



      I’m glad that you enjoyed reading all about my thoughts for this movie. I really loved the books a lot and like that it goes a lot more in depth (but the movie aesthetics are perfecccttt, and I love the actors so much!!)

      I’m glad that you were able to relate to many of my thoughts even though you hadn’t read the books! That was one of my main worries since I was hoping that the movie would be able to showcase it all. Parts of the movie definitely felt rushed and could’ve used more time for sure.

      Thank you for stopping by!!


  3. I completely agree that parts were rushed and that they should have kept more parts from the book in. I know it was better for the first movie, but I think it would have been better if the whirlpool stuff was in this one, just because it would have been a bigger deal. I felt like in the second movie, LJ was barely bothered about the video anymore, whereas in the book in constantly kept popping up and she was really stressed about it. Also, THE ASSASSINS GAME! It was a big deal, because it constantly showed how Peter picked Gen over LJ and added to the complex friendship dynamic of them all. I feel like there would have definitely been time to add that in if they had been willing to pace the movie a little differently. There was literally an hour of LJ and Peter basically being fine and then the conflict escalated too fast and too late at the same time. Still, I had a good time watching anyway πŸ˜€ I laughed so much and am excited about the last movie (since they already filmed it).


    1. I feel the same way! But I think they weren’t sure if the first movie was going to have a sequel so they included it in that first. AND I KNOW THE ASSASSINS GAME WAS SUCH A BIG DEAL 😭 I agree!! The conflict didn’t really come in until the movie was almost over so it felt suppperrr rushed. Still, I’m super excited for the last movie too!!


  4. I’m watching it tonight! Honestly I just remembered sooo many things while reading this review that I forgot had happened in P.S. πŸ˜¬πŸ˜† I forgot the main plot and I’m low key really embarrassed because I’ve read the series twice. Oops. I was so excited to see Stormy in the trailer — she was one of my favorite characters. My biggest complaint is that they changed John’s appearance. I looove Jordan, but John was my favorite guy in the series and I really wished we could have seen his “surfer” look. If I remember right, Lara Jean says that he still looked the same as she remembered. And no Jamie Fox Pickle?? I’m going to petition Netflix πŸ˜†


    1. Ahhh I’m so excited for you to watch it!! I hope I didn’t spoil you too much 😱 and I know what you mean!! I love Jordan Fisher, and he def did a great job but they changed his character type to be more nerdy (tho it’s still very cute!!) and I KNOW!! KITTY DESERVES HER PUPPY!!


      1. I just finished the movie about half an hour ago! πŸ˜€ I loved it and LOVED Jordan’s version of John… He was so suave like I remember from the books. Kitty was fabulous in this one! πŸ˜€


  5. I loved the visuals in this movie, especially Lara Jean’s outfits 😍 I have a recipe for cherry turnovers on my blog if you ever want to make some.
    I’m glad they didn’t include the assassins game. In the book, it’s a plot device for uncovering secrets and bringing Lara Jean and John closer, but it would have made the movie feel clunky and contrived. I like that they didn’t force the reveals. And since the game is the only reason why Lara Jean finds out about Gen’s dad, I don’t see why Gen would willingly offer that information. It’s not Lara Jean’s business.


    1. I know!! She always looks so good, and I’ll be sure to check your recipe out 😍 I can see your point. It def would have made the movie more convoluted and they didn’t have the time to detail everything out.


  6. I haven’t read these books or watched the movies, but your enthusiasm for it is infectious and I loved reading your thoughts! I’m glad you enjoyed the movie even though it was missing some kind of spark. Movie adaptations are so hard!


    1. AWW I’m so glad that you enjoyed reading!! I hope you get the chance to watch the movie or read the books sometime. 😍


  7. Ahh loved reading this post it was basically exactly my reactions!! Lara Jean’s baking and her outfits are super aesthetic and cuteeeee! Lara Jean and Peter were cute, but Lara Jean and John Ambrose were AMAZINGSOIDFLJKOISLKJDF ❀ ❀ I thought this movie was super cute and fun, but also thought it wasn't as good as the first one, it was sorta missing something, and I liked it well enough, but without my love for the franchise/the books, on its own it def wouldn't become a favorite. totally wish they kept assassins and Jamie fox pickle in!! overall though im still sQUEALING


    1. Aww I’m so glad that you enjoyed reading!! The aesthetics of the movie never failed to please me πŸ’– and yes!! John Ambrose is WONDERFUL AND SO SWOONYYY!! I completely agree. I think I enjoy this movie a lot more because I’ve read the books. I hope Kitty gets a puppy at some point???


  8. We almost have the same thoughts, Tiffany! It does feel rushed and I feel it didn’t really give the book a justice especially we can compare Peter and John Ambrose. I am glad I’ve read the trilogy first before watching the films. It doesn’t give the same vibe I had when I was reading. I have zero complains of Jordan Fisher portraying John Ambrose, I think he got his personality but he and Lana were too obvious it’s just friendzone. Unlike in the book, I still consider Ambrose as a threat. The movie made it clear who’ll be the end game on the third movie (maybe that’s just me?)

    Love your thoughts on this one.


    1. I’m glad we had such similar thoughts!! I wish we got more time to see things through and that all the conflict wasn’t rushed towards the end. I probably wouldn’t love it as much if I hadn’t read the books. and YES!! There wasn’t as much romantic tension as much friendship in my opinion??


  9. I’m watched the movie the other day and I really loved reading all your thoughts , it felt like talking to someone about it.
    I agree that I found the first movie better but Kitty was amazing, you are right LJ’s deadpan comments to Kitty are funny.
    I love the way the movie focuses on LJ and her thoughts and emotions. I really loved the soundtrack in this movie!!
    And her dad and Trina were so cute!!
    I’m still glad I watched it even if I didn’t love it, it had cute moments,
    Such a fun post to read!! ❀


    1. Aww I’m glad that you enjoyed reading my thoughts!! I just had to fangirl and write them all out while watching?? (especially because a lot of my friends who’ve watched it haven’t read the books)

      I agree!! This movie was kinda more introspective in comparison to the first movie with all the monologue and videos.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post!! πŸ₯°


  10. OMG yess! hahaha I actually noticed some of these, but most of these I haven’t, which makes me realize I’m so distracted when watching movies??? xD


    1. Ahh I know what you mean!! I wrote a lot of my initial thoughts during the first watch of the movie then added more in during the 2nd and 3rd watch πŸ™ˆ


  11. i finally watched this :DD and while i found it enjoyable, i still liked the first film better. i was so surprised when maddie ziegler made an appearance too, and i think it makes sense that she plays the role of a cheerleader because she’s a really good dancer. the “break my heart, covey” line from peter made me go “aww”, but i’m still not quite satisfied with the way he treated lara jean and how he hid that he knew about gen leaking that hot tub video from her!


    1. WHOOO!! and I felt the same way!! and omg i’m so glad you also know who maddie ziegler was because i was shook but no one else knew?? and yea! i used to watch her in dance moms πŸ™ˆ and i feel the same way!! i think there was so much more that needs to be resolved (and tbh the more i reread and rewatch i realize that peter isnt that great)


      1. (SPOILER WARNING – just in case anyone who hasn’t watched the film comes across my comment)

        no way. i thought maddie ziegler’s really famous in the states. where i live, many of us have an idea of who she is because when we were in middle school binge watching dance moms was considered a cool pastime πŸ˜‚

        and yes!! peter kavinsky isn’t as perfect as people make him out to be. i wasn’t a huge fan of him when reading the books, but after that, the first film made me like him a lot more. but then the second film made me so disappointed in him… and i thought it’s really terrible that lara jean just left john ambrose mclaren at the ball like that – she’s been kind of leading him on and i feel really, really bad for him! 😦


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