Percy Jackson TV Show Announcement Reaction// Discovering My Godly Parent

In case you live under a rock or have been away from social media the past week, Rick Riordan announced that Percy Jackson will be getting a TV show adaptation on Disney+!! πŸ˜πŸŽ‰πŸ˜±βœ¨ Who said second chance romances were dead?

Let me showcase my reactions really quickly: 🌊⚑️

“Hi! I’m Percy Jackson, and you’re watching Disney Channel”….IM CRYING AGAIN

My Godly Parent ✨

In honor of the exciting news, I thought that it would be fun to reflect on who my godly parent would be as any excited PJO reader might be wondering about themselves.

I’ve already announced on Twitter and Instagram (because I have the patience of any other demigod), but after taking the official quiz on Rick Riordan’s website, I found out that I’m a child of Aphrodite! πŸ•ŠπŸ’– (the real ones know that Aphrodite claims her children with a dove)

I honestly denied this when the result first showed up and actually tried to retake the test 5x and rig it for Athena. 🀑 But the test kept giving!! me!! Aphrodite!! I asked on Twitter who everyone thought would be my godly parent, and many people also said Aphrodite.

After thinking about it some more, I think it makes sense, and I’ve come to embrace my godly patron like how my half-sister, Piper McLean, eventually did. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. I’m all about the ~aesthetic~. πŸ“Έ

I think it’s safe to say that I have a very identifiable aesthetic. It’s soft. It’s pink. It’s floral. I have a particular love for all things cute and ~pretty~, and the aesthetic just makes me really happy.

2. I love love. ❀️

I’m a huge romantic, and I love reading books that feature a great romance. It’s why I have such a huge love for contemporaries because they almost always guarantee a happy ending. Give me all the cheesy Hallmark and Lifetime movies and K-Dramas!

3. I can charm speak (through memes)

Okay, this is a chaotic energy bullet point, but work with me here. I like to think that I’m a persuasive person, and I was captain of the debate team in high school. Not to say that I have a charming personality *flips hair* but I think I do a pretty good job of making friends through memes.

4. I’m a neat freak. 🧹

Just like Monica Geller from FRIENDS, I am super picky about keeping everything clean, and I truly believe that one of the greatest inventions of mankind is the vacuum. 😍 It’s one of my favorite past times, and despite being a demigod, I much prefer staying indoors (indoor camping > real camping)

“Every camper has a chest with their name painted on it to store their belongings…The cabin is always clean except for under the beds, which had chocolate wrappers, love notes, and other things under them.”

Cabin 10 Wikia

5. I care strongly for the people I love

I was reading through Silena Beauregard’s wikia and one sentence stood out to me in particular. “Being the daughter ofΒ Aphrodite, she cares strongly for the people she loves.” I love my family and family and would pretend to be Clarisse La RueΒ and fight a drakon to protect them.

Truthfully, I don’t think I’d be the stereotypical Aphrodite child πŸ’ž because 1) I can barely do makeup 2) I’m not drop-dead gorgeous and 3) I can’t speak French, but if Piper McLean and Silena Beauregard can defy the traditional Aphrodite standards so can I.

On the chance that this blog post has you HYPED, and you want more PJO content. Check out my book review for The Lightning Thief and Happy Birthday, Percy Jackson post featuring my favorite memes! 😍

Are you excited for the PJO adaptation?

What scene are you most looking forward to?

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58 thoughts on “Percy Jackson TV Show Announcement Reaction// Discovering My Godly Parent

  1. I love this post so much πŸ₯Ί It perfectly encapsulates my feelings when I heard it and since then!! My godly parent is Athena and I am just really looking forward to Percy and Annabeth calling each other Seaweed Brain and Wise GirlπŸ₯ΊπŸ’›


    1. Aww I’m so glad, Krisha!! I had so much fun writing it, and I just needed to get all my thoughts out there about how excited I am πŸ™ˆ and OOO I can see you as a child of Athena!! That’s amazing ❀️and ahhh I know!! I just need ALL the Percabeth moments~


  2. You go girl, breaking the Aphrodite stereotypes!! I love all your reasons behind it and I’m so excited for the series. I legit ran to tell my younger sister and she started crying from excitement (she’s 12 and only rereads the PJO/HOO series every other day). I’m just so excited for all the character interactions, the witty banter and meaningful conversations about growing up. AGH I can’t wait!!



      I’m honestly way too excited for the news because I just want to see all my favorite characters so so much. I COULD CRY 😭❀️


  3. You’re definitely a daughter of Aphrodite! I 100% see it πŸ’—πŸ’— & I’m so happy for all you PJO fans!! I swear I read both PJO and HOO as a child, but someone must’ve erased my memory of them lmao. but with the news, I’m definitely gonna be rereading them some time soon!

    what do you mean you’re not drop-dead gorgeous though?? lies :((


    1. Ahh I’m so glad that you agree with it πŸ™ˆπŸ’– This is honestly such a momentous time for PJO fans!! and OMG IM SO SAD THAT YOU DONT REMEMBER THEM PLEASE REREAD!!



  4. I got Poseidon! I’d love to reflect on what that means for me tbh but I….really don’t know sksksk


  5. Yes I can totally see you as a daughter of Aphrodite!! I’ve only ever read the first PJO book when I was younger, so I’m not super familiar with the Gods/Goddesses, but from what I know, you definitely fit ! I’m still not sure if my parent is Athena or Apollo because I’ve taken a few quizzes & each time I get one or the other, so it’s a toss up for now! I’m hoping to do a read of the rest of the series soon so I can join in on the tv show party with everyone !!


    1. OMG JESS!! You HAVE to continue with the series! I can see you as a child of either and they’re both so amazing anyway. I can’t wait to hear all your thoughts (And fangirl with you about all the memes)


  6. This is so so exciting and your gifs perfectly sum up my feelings towards the announcement too!! Honestly one of the highlights of 2020πŸ₯³Haha, I just took the quiz and I got Aphrodite too and at first I was like “what no way” but then I read the rest of your post and now I kind of see why I got it!! I definitely am all for everything pink and I’m a neat freak and am pretty much a hopeless romantic so maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised, lol.


    1. Ahh I’m so excited for all of us PJO fans 😍

      OMG yes!! I see you having the pink and beautiful aesthetic too. It is an honor to have you as my half-sister. CABIN 10 UNITE πŸ’–


  7. I am also so so so excited for this!!! I got Poseidon, which I was honestly really surprised about, but I took it a second time and still got Poseidon. I do like dolphins and riding horses and the color blue, so it kind of makes sense. But this was so much fun to read!!!


    1. Ooo I think based off your reasons Poseidon is a good fit!! You’re so lucky you get to be half-siblings with Percy Jackson πŸ’™


  8. LMAO the twitter posts are so accurate! Especially the Ratatouille one omg :’))) I’m so excited for this series and it feels like my 10 year old dreams have come true. Also I could tell from one look at your blog that you would be a child of Aphrodite – it’s so beautiful!


    1. LOLOL I’m glad that we were able to relate!! And aww I’m really glad that you agree and like my blog aesthetic πŸ₯°


  9. aahhhh you totally summed up my feelings!!!!
    The whole fandom is going berseck and I’m loving it 😍
    Ooh congrats, my godly parent is Poseidon but I get how you feel. Over the years I’ve taken countless godly parent quizzes on various sites and 90% of the time I get Poseidon. But the odd time I don’t I completely go into denial πŸ˜…
    Thankfully even year later when I took the official quiz I still got Poseidon otherwise my entire childhood would’ve been a lie πŸ‘€


    1. Ahhh the fandom is SCREAMING!! I’m honestly so so excited. I can see you being a child of Poseidon!! And even better you get to be half-siblings with Percy Jackson πŸ˜­πŸ’™


  10. omg tiffany i’m SO EXCITED for the pjo adaption i’m literally SCREAMING. the anticipation is going to make me go insane πŸ™ˆ this adaption is what this entire fandom has been waiting for since years, and it’s finally happening!!! and i just can’t! take it!!!!

    also aphrodite fits you so well!! you’re definitely one to appreciate beauty around you (your aesthetic is GORGEOUS) and you’re so lovely & sweet ❀


    1. AHHH IM SCREAMING TOO!! This is what we have been WAITING FOR~~

      and AWWW!! you’re so so sweet sara πŸ₯°


  11. ahh.. I loved seeing all your reactions and what a mood !! I just read Percy Jackson for the first time (what timing) and I’m so glad I did, it was wonderful !! I’m excited to see the show !! I really hope it isn’t a long wait because I’m a really impatient person with stuff like this, haha !! I mean I’ve only just read the books whilst everyone else has been waiting years so I’m really quite lucky !! But the PJO fandom is amazing, I’m so happy that they’ve gotten an adaptation because you have all earned it !! ❀
    Aw.. Aphrodite is so nice and I loved seeing all your reasons why you fit in that category!! I can definitely see you being an Aphrodite child in your own way. I had done a few quizzes to see what cabin would be mine and I mostly got Hermes but I didn't realise there was an official quiz (don't ask why. I mean I'm disappointed in myself) and I got Athena this time so that's cool !! (I might do it a couple more times to see)
    I loved reading this all Tiffany !! ❀


    1. ahhh i’m just WAY TOO EXCITED sophie!!

      pjo was honestly my childhood and i can’t wait to see them bring it to life πŸ˜­πŸ’™ i hope they can produce it soon (but i have a feeling we won’t get to see it until probably 2021 or 2022) and ahh i’m so glad that you can see my in this cabin. i can totally see you in hermes or athena!! they’re both so wonderful πŸ₯°


      1. haha yes !!! aww… that’s so sweet and I’m so happy for you !!! ❀
        Umm.. yeah I think it will be something like that. At least it is something to look forward to!!
        Aww… thank you so much !! ❀


  12. Ahh, I’m SO excited for the Show, especially once everyone is discussing the new content! πŸ₯° I also love the Personality Quizzes so much and I got Athena when doing it multiple times πŸ˜„ I can definitely see you in Aphrodite’s cabin and there are definitely cool characters like Silena and Piper that show how badass this cabin can be 😊



      Ooo I can totally see you in the Athena cabin!! It’s such an honor. I’m glad that you think Aphrodite is a good fit for me too πŸ’–


  13. this post is v relatable and i had a lot of fun reading it, and i am very honored that my tweet is included among these ❀ (i'd say how i feel about the news but… i am pretty sure you know already) also i very much see you as an aphrodite kid! you give me lots of romantic vibes (and you are also very pretty and cute πŸ₯°πŸ₯°)



      and ahh ii’m so glad that you think it’s a good fit and i just *blushes* πŸ’ž


  14. I haven’t read the series (Sorry!) so probably I can’t share the excitement of the adaptation with you, but I LOVED this post! And I think you got the result correct based on your personality πŸ™‚ And you are definitely gorgeous, Tiifany. How dare you to so you are not?


    1. Ahh I hope you get the chance to read it soon!! And ahh you’re so so sweet Sim πŸ’–


    1. Ahhh I can totally see you as a child of Athena!!! Such an honor ❀️AND SARA YOU’RE TOO SWEET TO ME


  15. ahhhhhh yes i am SO excited for the new adaptation!!! the PJO series was my absolute favorite growing up and i can’t wait to delve back into it – hopefully i can reread the books soon. πŸ˜…

    omg i remember taking that quiz when i was younger, i retook it and got Aphrodite as well lol! i was pretty confused at first, but after reading your reasons, it makes a lot more sense. (except the fact that you are DEFINITELY drop dead gorgeous ❀) i looove aesthetic and pretty things and am a hopeless romantic too!

    i loved reading this, Tiffany!! πŸ’–πŸ’–


    1. ahh i’m so excited that you enjoyed this post, ash!! ❀️

      AND OMG NO STAHPPPP but i think aphrodite kids get a bad rep because of stereotypes but after analyzing our personality characteristics, it’s super fitting and actually really great!! and i’m so honored to be your half-sister πŸ₯°


  16. all the memes and gifs are SO relatable. this was one of the best news we could’ve gotten, especially considering we’ve had such few of those in the last two months.
    i also recently took the official quiz (i didn’t even know it existed! rip) and i was so surprised to get poseidon. i remember that, back in the day, i used to say my godly parent was poseidon simply because i was a fan of percy and wanted to be like him, but i had never taken any tests. now, i’m surprised that i got the same results indeed!
    i think aphrodite works perfectly for you! there are a lot of demigods in the percy jackson universe that kinda defy the expectations and are not the quote on quote stereotypical, perfect child, and i think that works a little bit for everyone! like, i got poseidon as my godly parent and i am pretty scared of the ocean, so i’m definitely thalia daughter of zeus scared of heights, hahahah.


    1. LOLOL IM SO GLAD!! I had so much fun making this post πŸ₯° This is honestly the news we need in 2020!

      Ooo I can see you as a child of Poseidon!! It’s an honor to have Percy as a half-brother too πŸ’™ and you’re so right!! there are children that definitely defy the experiences of what the stereotype is!!


  17. I! Am! So! Excited! For! The! Show!!!!! All your reactions encapsulate my reactions too, and I’ve also been bookmarking *so many* hilarious Percy Jackson Tik Toks. This fandom is so creative and I love the collective meltdown that everyone is having πŸ˜‚ Uh, Tiffany, did you just list you are not drop dead gorgeous as one of the reasons you thought you weren’t an Aphrodite girl??? That sounds *very* Piper McLean of you if you ask me.

    I took the official quiz and I got that I’m a hunter of Artemis, which I’m not mad about but also does that mean I don’t get a godly parent? Who knows. This post was so fun to read Tiffany! I can’t wait to freak out about the show together when it comes out πŸ˜„



      omg PJO TICKTOKS i didn’t know those were a thing!! i don’t use tik tok but i feel like i’m seriously missing out on quality content πŸ‘€

      OOOOO no omg you do have a godly parent!! (like thalia or you could be daughter of a titan like zoe) but THAT’S SO COOL!! i’m so excited that you loved this post but also i’m so ready to fangirl together when the show it out 😍


  18. I’m so happy about the news!! I screamed at the thought of actually seeing “Hi, I’m Percy Jackson, and you’re watching Disney Channel.” One can dream though 😭 And I find it so cool you’re an Aphrodite child! I’ve always thought I was a child of Athena, and recently taking the quiz has solidified that. I need to reread the rest of the books (other than TLT), but I think the scene I’m most excited for now is the whole Aunty Em thing!! Or just anything Percabeth ghjkfghjkl. πŸ₯°


    1. I KNOW!! I wish we could get a scene like that for real!! and ahh that’s so amazing you’re a child of Athena 😍 I love Annabeth so much~~ She was my role model ❀️


  19. ahhhh this is so exciting!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE ADAPTATION!!! i admit that when i was younger and reading percy jackson for the first time, i wanted to be a child of aphrodite so badly. as a pisces, i’m always daydreaming, i love everything cute and pink, and i do try to speak french (tho i’m a mess haha). but i always got apollo and i’ve learnt to embrace that too ❀


    1. Ahh I know!! I just wish we could start watching it now, but it probably won’t be until a few years 😭❀️ Ooo yes! Embrace Apollo with all the medicine and music πŸ₯°


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