Subtle Asian Book Club: June 2020 Selection

Welcome back to another post for “subtle asian book club”, a book club centered around reading books written by Asian authors! Alexandra from Twirling Pages and I are super excited to announce this month’s choice. 💖

What is “subtle asian book club”?

Named after the popular meme page  “subtle asian traits”, our book club brings together readers all around the world to buddy read a new book every month. ✨ Also, please note that members DO NOT have to be Asian to join! If you’re interested in joining, simply send a request on the Facebook group.

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I hope you’re excited and are interested in joining!  Don’t worry if you are afraid that you can’t commit to reading every month. Feel free to join and comment whenever you are available because this book club is meant to be flexible to fit your schedule.

Book of the Month

This month, we’re reading The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi.  💚 We will have weekly discussions and monthly wrap-ups posted on the Facebook group, and we’ll have voting for next month’s book in two to three weeks!

The reading schedule is as follows:

  • 6/1 – 6/6: Prologue to Chapter 7
  • 6/7 – 6/13: Chapter 8 to Chapter 16
  • 6/14 – 6/20: Chapter 17 to Chapter 25
  • 6/21 – 6/30: Chapter 26 to Epilogue

Are you excited for “subtle asian book club”?

Will you read The Gilded Wolves with everyone?

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Instagram | YouTube | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest

13 thoughts on “Subtle Asian Book Club: June 2020 Selection

    1. Whooo I’m so excited that you’ll be able to join us!! I can’t wait to read it for the first time 🥰


  1. I wasn’t able to get a copy of I Love You a Mochi in time for May, but I’m excited for Gilded Wolves! It’s been on my TBR for like 5ever. I adored Chokshi’s writing in her debut series so I’m excited to see what she does with this one.


    1. Ahh I haven’t read any of her works before so I’m super excited 😍And yes!! Please please join us 💚


  2. Ooo I’m definitely going to try to join you guys again this month because this book has been on my radar for a while now !!


    1. Ahhh yes!! I’m so excited for you to join. This is my first time reading it too and I’m so excited 😍


    1. Ahhh I’m so excited to read it!! So many people love it and I need the accountability to finish it 🙈


  3. Oooh, I can’t wait for the discussions. I just did my quick reread of this book this month for the API heritage month but will still definitely participate. 🙂


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