5 Reasons Why You Should Read Lore Olympus

Hello, friends! It’s been a while. 💖 (jk it’s been a week but it feels longer 😭) I normally share a book review every Thursday, but today, I wanted to do something different and convince you to read one of my favorite webtoons, Lore Olympus. 

Lore Olympus is a webcomic about Greek gods and goddesses by Rachel Smythe, and the story follows the relationship between Persophone and Hades, starting from their initial meeting. I marathoned all the chapters in Season 1 in two days, and I’ve been (impatiently) waiting for the next Season 2 to come out!

1. It’s a fun and unique adaptation of Greek mythology! ⚡️

If you’re a fan of Percy Jackson and Madeline Miller’s books, you will love seeing all your favorite gods and goddesses come to life. Lore Olympus blends the modern world with traditional stories where the Underworld is a downtown metropolis, the gods and goddesses use cell phones and modern technology, and Poseidon wears a man bun.

2. The art is SO. FREAKING. BEAUTIFUL. 🎨

This is the perfect time to judge a book by its cover because the illustrations in this webcomic are enchanting! Rachel Smythe uses colors very deliberately in every panel, and each character has their own color that reflects their personality and overall tone of the story. Since you read the webcomic by scrolling, the lines blend together seamlessly, leading to the next panel.

3. Persephone and Hades’s romance is incredibly ~soft~ and heartwarming to read. 🥰

A grumpy Hades and a soft Persephone? Can someone say best. trope. ever? Lore Olympus explores the softer, gentler side of the two gods. Rather than an angry, dynamic depiction of Hades like in Percy Jackson or Disney’s Hercules, we have a shy, lonely king of the Underworld who sees joy and hope in the goddess of Spring. 

4. The writing and characters are funny and relatable. ✏️

From the girl power friendship between Artemis and Persophone to the himbo sibling dynamic of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, much of this story will make you smile. The friendships developed in the story are so heartfelt, and watching Zeus and Poseidon drag their brother to hit on mortal women (and fail) is bound to make you laugh. 

5. Season 2 begins in August! 🎬

This is the perfect time to start the entire series because the final episode of Season 1 ends on SUCH a cliffhanger, and you definitely want to be caught up before the next season starts. (also, i need friends to talk about this webtoon with). 

If you haven’t read Lore Olympus yet, what are you doing?? It’s got romance, cute animals, funny characters, and so much more. I highly recommend it, and I hope you pick it up! 

Content/Trigger Warnings: Cheating/adultery, domestic abuse, toxic relationships/abusive relationships, sexual assault, rape, mental and emotional abuse, verbal abuse, manipulation, anxiety, forced marriage, scene of torture, trauma/PTSD, alcohol abuse, scene of drugging

Have you read Lore Olympus?

What were your thoughts?

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45 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Read Lore Olympus

  1. OMG OMG OMG Tiffany, I’m absolutely sold, this looks like my kind of book!! I mean THAT ART? FLAWLESS. Why haven’t I heard of this before?! Ahhhh where can I read it though? Also when is Season 2 coming out because I’m pretty sure I’ll end up binge-reading Season 1 like you XD



      You can read it on the Webtoons website or mobile app!! (Honestly, they should sponsor me at this point) Season 2 comes out on August 2nd. I binge read this series in a few days HAHA


    1. omg YAYAYAY!! the art is truly so beautiful and unique 😍 let me know what you think if you read it!!


    1. YAAAASS JESS!! i don’t read graphic novels or manga that often, but i got into a few webcomics last month…and the story and art for Lore Olympus was just SO GOOD 😍


  2. AAHHH I LOVE THIS POST!! Lore Olympus is just amazing and my Sundays haven’t been the same now that it’s on hiatus 😭😭🥺 I can’t wait for it to come back because I miss more Hades and Persephone and Hecate (and someone should just kick Apollo’s ass already 🙃🔥)



      I can’t wait for Season 2, but I know I’m going to SUFFER waiting for each episode to be uploaded 😭 I can’t wait for our lil sunshine and mr. grumps ❤️


  3. just started it because of this!!! i finished the first episode and love it omg. i haven’t read anything mythology since percy jackson so this is like a throwback for me. and i love the way it’s set in the ”present day”??????


    1. OMG i’m so excited for you!! it’s truly SO UNIQUE!! the mythology is definitely a throwback, but i love how modernized everything is 💖


  4. I just finished season one the other day, and I love it so much! 🥺 I can’t wait to read the next season! I love how Rachel Smythe makes all of the characters, but I especially love Persephone and Hades. 💕 I agree with everything here, fantastic post, Tiffany!


    1. IT’S SO GOOD!! I really can’t wait for the next season because there’s so much to love with this webtoon. The art is so spectacular, and I love the characters so much!!

      Thank you for reading, Xandra~


  5. This sounds amazing!! I’ve never read a web comic, but I’ve been wanting to branch out and this just sounds so good! You make the story sound awesome, and I love the art that you included in this post! This might have to be my first adventure into web comics!! Thank you for the recommendation!


    1. it’s a really great webtoon, and i highly recommend it!! it’s #1 on the entire website too 😍

      let me know your thoughts if you decide to read it ❤️


    1. ahh i hope you check it out!! if you’re a fan of mythology and soft romances, this is SUPER cute for you 🥰


  6. This webtoon seems SOOO great! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on it, I will definitely have to read it!


  7. I love this webtoon so so much!! The art is really pretty and I just love Persephone and Hades. I also like how the writer treated those serious topics with respect, and she included trigger warnings at the start of those chapters. I wish our fave authors would do this sigh. Great list, Tiffany!


    1. Thanks, Taiwo!! I’ve been looking forward to my Sunday’s mainly for Lore Olympus updates now 🙈 More authors definitely should be including trigger warnings!


  8. Like I shared with you on your video about it, I’m super excited to re-read what I had already read and finally finish (the first season 😛 ) Lore Olympus because I absolutely adore Persephone and Hades’ retellings AND the art style is absolutely amazing ❤ ❤


    1. YESSS!! I didn’t know there was a TV adaptation?? I’m so excited for it 😍 I honestly look forward to every Sunday for updates and Tuesdays for updates to True Beauty 🙈


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