Monthly Wrap-Up: July 2020

Happy August! ☀️ Can you believe we’re nearing the end of summer? Time has been flying by, and I’m excited for cooler weather to come.


This month was, as usual, spent at home. 🏠 I started my summer internship, and originally, it was supposed to be in-person but because of COVID-19, it got moved virtually. It was a ton of fun, and I really love the company that I’m working for and, luckily, also received a return offer. 🎉

My university announced their Fall reopening plans (but I high-key still don’t feel like it’s a safe reopening plan) so I’ve been debating whether I want to stay in Los Angeles or go back. I just want to get all my stuff from my college apartment, but the U.S. is doing such a terrible job of controlling COVID. 😭


This month, I read 24 books which means I’ve finished 138 books this year. 🥳 My favorites are definitely These Violent Delights and Punk 57, but overall, it was a great reading month with fun readathons and buddy reads~!

This month, I also participated in the Koreadathon and the Reading Rush. It was super fun and part of the reason I marathoned through so many books. 🐰🌙 In August, I’ll be hosting the Nostalgiathon, a readathon dedicated to your favorite childhood books, from August 7 – 16 so I hope you can participate!


Book Reviews
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How was July for you?

Did you have any favorite reads?

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30 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: July 2020

  1. The US really is doing a terrible job of controlling covid… I’m also super conflicted on whether or not I’m going back to university, but probably not… I hope you’re able to get your stuff and figure out what you’re going to do! Ahh you’ve read so many books this month/year that’s so amazing! I’m glad you liked These Violent Delights–I’m absolutely dYING to read it it’s definitely my most anticipated release of the year!! I hope you have a nice august ❤


    1. It’s such a sh*t show here!! I ended up deciding to stay at home instead of going back. I hope you’re ale to figure out what you’re doing! I can’t wait for you to read These Violent Delights too 🥰


  2. You’ve read so many amazing books in July! I’m really excited for These Violent Delights and thus far, the reviews seemed to be positive and it makes me even more excited! ❤🤩 I’m looking forward to nostalgiathon too, I’ve been looking at stacks of my childhood books to decide my TBR and it’s been a nostalgic experience. I’ll probably ended up reading more than the prompts as it made me want to reread all those books 🙂


    1. I can’t wait for you to read TVD!!! The romance yearning is WONDERFUL! I’m so so happy that you’re participating in nostalgiathon 🥰


  3. You read so so many great books in July! I’m sad to see that you didn’t love Majesty as much as American Royals – I just read American Royals for the first time and am dying for Majesty, but ugh I hope it’s not a big letdown!! Also congrats on your internship!! So so exciting!! (: Hope you have a great month in August! ❤️


    1. ahhh i think i might give it another reread. it just wasn’t what i was expecting?? and hoped for more, but i think logically the ending makes a lot of sense 👀

      thank you for your sweet words erin!! i hope you have a great reading month in august x❤️


  4. Ahh, you read so much!! That’s amazing, I aspire to your levels, Tiffany.💗

    Good luck with everything this month and fall! I’m so sorry about all the hard decisions you have o make with college, and I hope it goes as well as possible. It’s definitely such a weird time and I can’t believe schools are reopening and yet here we are. :’)

    Thank you so much for sharing my post, you are the kindest! I hope you have a wonderful August. xx


    1. aww thank you, Olivia!! you’re literally so so sweet 💖

      i ended up deciding to stay in los angeles for my last semester, and i hope you have an okay time with school online too!

      love you lots, and i hope you have a great august 🥰


  5. Tiff you did AMAZING in June. Seriosuly stop making me jealous with ALL the books you managed to read. So pumped to start The American Royals Series, though sorry you didn’t love the sequel as much as you wanted to. And I AM SO HAPPY ya loved Beach Read yasss. So excited to read your more in-depth thoughts.

    Also yay for the internship, hoping it all goes well. LOVED all your videos last month eeeppp. Also going to try my best to participate in the readathon. Sending ya all the love xx


    1. aww thank you, ruby!! i’m definitely reading more than i normally do, and asdfghjkl okay i would STILL recommend the american royals series bc it’s so addicting!

      beach read was SO CUTE too! thanks for being so supportive and amazing as usual!! 🥰


  6. You’ve read sooo many books! Chain of Gold and All Boys Aren’t Blue are two books I can’t wait to read! I hope you’re going to have a great reading month in August too!


  7. you’re the cutest 🥺🥺 i’m so glad your internship is going well, and i’m IN AWE of how much you read!! i can’t wait to read these violent delights, especially after seeing you and everyone else screaming about how good it is. have a good august bb!


    1. YOURE THE CUTEST MAY!! okay but to be fair when you’re rereading a bunch of books, you can read pretty fast 🙈 you’re going to love TVD!!


  8. So happy to hear that you could still do your Internship and got a return offer, that’s amazing!! 🥰 Looks like reading wise you also had a fantastic month 😊 I’m glad to see that you enjoyed reading In Order to Live, I read it earlier this year and it was such an emotional, impactful autobiography! 🥺


  9. Eeek I’m so happy your internship is going well for you and wooo for all the books you’ve read Tiffany! I’m hoping to read The Gilded Wolves soon as I just recently bought a copy of it (the paperback took a while to come out *sobs*) but I’m excited to dive into the world soon hehe. Sending you all the good vibes for August love ❤


  10. I’m really happy that your internship is going well and i’m sending you all the love and hugs and stay safe always ❤️ also you have read! so! much! wow, I admire you every month for the amount of books you’ve read, WOW. I’m a little curious about that rating for Majesty? I loved American Royals so I’m so sad to hear the sequel was disappointing 😭
    Thank you so, so much for sharing my post! I hope August will be kind to you ❤



      Thank you, Marie!! for all your sweet words always~ ASDFGHJKL I think I need to give Majesty another reread in order to give it a fair rating. It was somehow even more frustrating than American Royals, and the ending…hnnnnnnn I was so conflicted because it makes sense but it’s also frustrating. If you want to buddy read it, let me know!


  11. Aaah, congratulations on you internship!! I’m so happy to hear that you had an enjoyable experience despite it being remote. Also omggg, you read so much in July! Teach me your ways 😭 Ooh, I’ve been hearing so much about These Violent Delights, I can’t wait for your review! I hope you have a fantastic August! 💕


    1. Aww thank you, Chana!! asdfghjkl now that August is almost over I can safely say I did not read as much this month LOL. I can’t wait for you to read TVD ❤


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