Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2020

It’s finally Fall!! Just kidding. It’s still 100°F in Los Angeles. ☀️ 🥵 This past month, I took an unexpected blog hiatus to focus on creating booktube content and ~life~, but I am back™ baby!


First off, thank you all so much for nominating and voting for me in the Fourth Annual Book Blogger Awards hosted by May from Forever and Everly and Marie from Drizzle and Hurricane Books because I won Best Adult Blogger alongside Marie!! 😭❤️ I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years now, and the community has been incredibly wonderful so this means the world. *whispers* i love you all 🥺

In real life, I’ve decided to stay in Los Angeles to finish my last semester of university and complete my Master’s Degree. 🎓 I managed to get all my stuff shipped home, but I have SO MUCH to unpack…I’ve honestly been putting it off. Now, I’m just preparing for my final semester of education!


This month, I read 13 books which means I’ve read 152 books so far this year! 🥳 Considering I read 24 and 26 books in June and July, I read fewer books in August, but honestly, I’m thriving. I’ve been feeling less pressure, and I love getting to take my time with books now.

I also hosted the Nostalgiathon which is a readathon dedicated to rereading your favorite childhood books with Alexandra and Breana, and it was so fun to revisit my old faves and watch The Babysitter’s Club with everyone. 🐰🌙 Subtle Asian Book Club also hosted our first-ever live show discussion for The Poppy War!!


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How was August for you?

Did you have any favorite reads?

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18 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2020

  1. I managed to read 5 books in August which is fine for me but I didn’t have a standout that I would keep wanting to recommend.
    It’s so funny to see all the fall photos and vibes especially on IG and in India I’m surrounded by palms and dying for the monsoon to end. 🙂


    1. 5 books is amazing Kristina! I hope that you’re able to stay safe and that you find a new favorite book in September.

      Thank you for reading! ❤️


    1. Thanks Emme! I hope that you had a great reading month in August and that you find a few new favorites in September ❤️


  2. OMG, how did I miss something as awesome as a Nostalgiathon??? Nostalgic books are saving my life right now during this pandemic, that is such a great idea! I would 100% participate in that in the future. Congrats on the award! 🙂


    1. ahh we’ll definitely try to host it again next year or sometime soon! i’ve been turning to rereading old favorites which has been super needed during this time.

      i hope you have a great reading month in september! ❤️


  3. Aaah thank you so much for sharing my post Tiffany 🥺 Sending you all the good vibes for your final semester and I need to catch up on your BookTube content, I’m behind again *sobs* Hope you have a wonderful September Tiffany and once again congrats on winning the award you deserve itttt ❤


    1. awww of course, clo!! i love your posts so much. asdfghjkl never feel bad about not watching booktube!

      i hope you have a great reading month this september ❤️


  4. Omg so well deserved, Tiffany!! Again, HUGE CONGRATS on winning. Love you and your posts so so much xoxo

    Ah I am SO SAD I didn’t participate more in the readathon. Hit a reading slump throughout like all of August. I did read some fanfic though haha. Also yay you did so well with reading by the looks of things ❤ So excited but also so scared to read The Poppy War series. Send help hehe

    Wishing you a wonderful September


    1. aww thank you, ruby!!

      don’t feel bad about not participating enough!! reading slumps are so real. i’m excited for you to read tpw when you get to it, but it’s SUPER INTENSE so definitely wait until you’re in the right head space.

      sending love, and i hope you have a better reading month in september ❤️


  5. Congrats once again on winning best adult blogger, it’s so well deserved!! ❤ I'm really happy August seems to have been a great month for you, and the content you posted this month was AMAZING!! 😀
    And you're already going to your final semester of classes?? That's really cool, good luck!! I hope September will be a wonderful month, too ❤ (I'm also ready for Fall here, but IT'S STILL SO HOT)


    1. Aww thank you, Marta!! RIGHT IT’S WAY TOO HOT. WHAT IS THIS WEATHER. I hope that you also have a wonderful reading month this September ❤


  6. Congratulations again on winning in the book blogger awards, you’re doing AMAZING with everything, really I admire you so much I don’t know how you do it all.
    I hope September has been kind to you, love, take care of yourself!! ❤ ❤


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