My Favorite Throwback K-Drama OSTs

This past week, my friend Isabella from Throne of Pages roped me into watching a new K-Drama called Because This is Your First Life, and it reignited my love for K-Dramas and brought me back to the days when I would marathon episode after episode. ✨

I’ve been relistening to some K-Drama OSTs that I used to love, and today, I wanted to share them with you! 💖

Stand by Me by SHINee (Boys Over Flowers)

I think we can all agree that Boys Over Flowers was the blueprint for K-Dramas, and listening to this OST always brings back the feels. ☀️😭 Even though I hated Go Jun Pyo’s hair and preferred the side couple, I still look at this drama fondly.

Will You Kiss Me by G.NA (Playful Kiss)

Playful Kiss was the first K-Drama I got really into, and it makes me so sad because I don’t know too many people who also loved it! I love the high school and college vibes and that we got to watch the characters grow, but I also ~loved~ the sunshine x grumpy trope too. 🥺❤️

All For You by Jeong Eun Ji & Seo In Guk (Reply 1997)

I actually watched this drama more recently in the past year, but the second that I heard this OST, I fell in love with it. It has such nice longing?? and springtime vibes. The childhood-friends-to-lovers trope also stole my heart! 😍

Dream High (Dream High)

Dream High was another ICONIC K-Drama that many people watched and loved. I loved that we got to see so many idols make an appearance, and something about this song in particular and the flash mob scene makes me feel hopeful. 🌟

Dreaming by Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High)

Yes, Dream High is making a second appearance on this list because this was the drama that made me swoon over Kim Soo Hyun. ☁️ I loved his character on the show, and I also the melody and lyrics of this OST.

As Ever Still by A.N. Jell (You’re Beautiful)

When I tell you that I loved this song, I mean I loved this song. 🎵 It was my ringtone on my first phone, and you can just feel the vibes of love and longing?? *whispers* i love it.

Yearning Heart by A’ST1 (Boys Over Flowers)

And because Boys Over Flowers is so iconic, it gets a second song on this list. I was honestly tempted to add two more, but this is me practicing self-control. 💖 I would describe the vibes of this song as wishful and cozy~

Did you watch any of these K-Dramas?

What are your favorite OSTs?

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23 thoughts on “My Favorite Throwback K-Drama OSTs

  1. My favourite OSTs have to be Our Tears by Hyolyn (Hwarang OST) and Someday, The Boy by Kim Feel (Itaewon Class OST). I didn’t watch many kdramas but I have heard great things about all the ones you mentioned. Great Post!


  2. I recently started watching K-dramas so haven’t seen any of these old ones yet! But I do love some of these songs! Currently I’m loving the OST of Its Okay to not be Okay and Hotel Del Luna☺️💞


  3. Oh my God Tiffany, I literally just scheduled this post???? Granted it’s more of “favorite k-drama ost” rather than throwback ost, so it has some new ost too, but it’s such a coincidence??? 🤣 I LOVE Boys Before Flowers OST, they are all iconic and listening to them always make me able to recall the scenes involved. And Dream High ahhh!!! I love the theme song but my favorite song is Can’t I Love You from Kim Soo Hyun and IU duet. His voice is just amazing I wish he sings more 😭💖


    1. Ahhh OMG great minds think alike! I love the Boys Before Flowers OST and Dream High is so iconic!! Kim Soo Hyun is so talented 😍


  4. TIFFANY! Five of these songs are my favorites! The ones from BOF, You’re Beautiful and Mischievous Kiss. Gosh this makes me feel old because I love them back when I was in High School. Here are my favorite songs from the K-Dramas I love:

    * Fight the Bad Feeling by TMax (Boys Over Flowers)
    * Without Words by Park Shin Hye / Jang Geun Seuk (He’s Beautiful)
    * Starting Now, I Love You by Lee Seung Gi (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)
    * One More Time by Kim Hyun Joong (Playful Kiss)
    * The Man by Hyun Bin (Secret Garden)
    * Perhaps Love by Howl & J (Princess Hours)


    1. Beatrice!! I love many of the songs that you’ve mentioned, and I need to catch up on all these K-dramas 😍


  5. *adds playful kiss and reply 1997 to my dramas to watch list* I have dream high on my to watch list already hehe, erm I’ve listened to an OST for Extraordinary You (still need to watch the drama though) but it was the one by Stray Kids sksksksk I am predictable but it’s Never Ending Story and I love the song so much and seeing skz sing it too uwu


    1. yes!! they’re such classic kdramas and are some of my favorites. HAHA ofc stray kids! super on brand for you ❤️


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