Monthly Wrap-Up: November 2020

I really spent 2 weeks putting together the most comprehensive and well-researched blog post I’ll probably ever write then went…okay see ya next month…I’m going on hiatus for 4 weeks…sorry y’all. ✌🏼🤠 (also stay tuned to the end for a new “memes of the month” section!)


November felt like such a long month. 😰 Can you believe the elections happened just a few weeks ago? I’m losing concept of time. I had several midterm exams early on before Thanksgiving break, but after things started to slow down, I was able to get back into creating content.

I ended up taking a month hiatus (oops) because I spent a lot of mental energy writing my “Everything You Should Know Before You Read The Poppy War” blog post. I also wanted to get back into creating Booktube videos, but I ~hopefully~ will be doing 5 days of Blogmas after finals this week so stay tuned! 🎄


I ended up reading 10 books in November, putting me at 174 books out of 100 for my Goodreads Reading Challenge. But! If I’m being honest, this past month could only be defined by romances and webtoons, and I have zero regrets. 😌

I think I read 10? webtoons last month. Not all of them were completed, but there was one week where I was finishing 1 webtoon a day. They’re just so good. My favorites are definitely Nice to Meet You and Midnight Poppy Land. 😍


Book Reviews


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I started posting again! 🤩 Let’s ignore the fact that I’m wearing the same two shirts across all the videos because laundry exists y’all, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out:



I’m also starting a new section on my monthly wrap-ups where I share my favorite memes of the month. This will be replacing the old Memes Monday segment!

How was November for you?

Did you have any favorite reads?

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22 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: November 2020

  1. That mochi ice cream looks DELICIOUS. And your bookstagram is so soft and pretty!! I need that aesthetic in my life right now.

    OMG the meme section; this is also what I need in my life right now. Your wrap-up post is soothing my poor quarantined soul! xD


    1. it was really good! the peppermint one was the best 😍 thank you so much for reading, and i’m so glad that you enjoyed the memes too~!


  2. I spot The Poppy War, ahhh !! And congratulations on your goodreads goal, I’m in awe !! I’m excited for your blogmas videos if you do them!! I need to catch up on my youtube videos, I decide to try exercise and didn’t have as much time for videos but that problem doesn’t exist anymore as I’ve since decided to slow down on the exercise, haha.
    I am loving the memes- the food price, lunch time, Achilles– I am living for this content. ❤


    1. yes!! the poppy war remains AMAZING~! i ended up deciding to not do vlogmas, but i might just try to catch up on writing book reviews 🙈 ahhh i’ve started watching shows while exercising as a way to motivate myself!


  3. It’s crazy that the election was barely more than a month ago!! It feels like way longer than that.

    And your post on everything you need to know before you read the poppy war was really helpful to someone who read the whole thing (and understood about 3 percent). I had my dad read it, and I think that it convinced him to read the poppy war at some point.

    I hope you have a great rest of December!!


    1. isn’t it wild how fast this year has gone by?? i’m so glad that you enjoyed my poppy war blog post! so sorry that i’m catching up comments so late, but i hope your december is going well 🥰


  4. Lovely post as always, Tiffany! Thank you for sharing my post on supporting small businesses 🤗
    I don’t think I read a single book in November (🙈😭) but my favourite in October was Anxious People by Frederik Backman. I cried lol. Also, that Achilles meme? Top-tier 👌🏽😂😂


  5. Great wrap-up Tiffany! I just found your blog a while ago and it’s lovely… I’m so heartened to see that you had so many 4-5 star reads this month, thank you for recommending those 2 webtoons, I’m always on the lookout for good ones! 🤩 Ahhh those memes 😂 And I wanted to thank you for the Everything You Need to Know Before Reading the Poppy War post, it is well-researched and now the series is on my December tbr!💕


    1. aww i’m so glad that you’re loving my blog! please check out those webtoons because they are SO GOOD!! i’ve already reread them both twice 🙈 i’m really glad that you enjoyed my poppy war blog post too, and i can’t wait for you to read the series!


  6. November was such a strange month indeed, so long and stressful 😅 Really excited to hear that you might do Blogmas! 🥰🎄 My finals are next year so I still have some time to relax, at least for a while 😄 Also the Vampire Academy Readalong Announcement made my month, SO SO excited!! 💕🥺


    1. ahh i might just try to catch up on book reviews since it’s so late now but i hope your december is going well caro ❤️ and ahhh i’m so excited to read vampire academy with you!!


  7. November has been weird… this entire year has been weird I just don’t feel like time is passing correctly anymore, I don’t understand a thing ahah. I’m amazed by how many books you’ve read and everything, Tiffany, like, wow. And this new favorite meme part is making my day, I love it haha 🙂
    I hope december has been kind to you, sending you all the love ❤ and thank you SO MUCH for sharing my post, so happy you enjoyed it ❤ ❤


    1. Marie!! I hope this year has been treating you well with your move and everything. Miss you lots and sending lots of love ❤️


  8. Hello, Tiffany! Hope you had a really merry Christmas! I am a newcomer to blogging, just started in October. I wanted to say, what a wonderful blog you have! I was really enthralled by your Reading the World Challenge, sounded soo nice! And your Bookstagram and Booktube videos are superb.❤️ Lots of love, Esdi.


    1. Hi Esdi, Welcome to the blogging community~! I hope you’re loving it here so far, and thank you for checking out my bookstagram and booktube.


      1. You are most welcome! I am really enjoying blogging.🤗 You are really kind. Can I ask which web host you chose for your blog?


  9. Omg sorry I’m so late to this post Tiffany, I’m so behind everywhere. But MISSED you. And yay for all the books you got to read. Also ahaha DYING at the Polar Express meme lmaooooo. GOLDEN. Lots of love xx


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