Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2021

Despite the fact that February only has 28 days, this past month somehow felt like a million years. Why did last month feel even longer than January? Was it just me?


February was technically a more relaxed month in terms of my academic and professional life, yet every day week felt packed with work. Alexandra and I were both pretty busy with organizing Subtle Asian Book Club logistics, and thankfully, we’ve planned out details until the end of April. 🤩

I guess another milestone?? or event that happened this month was that someone plagiarized my most popular blog post, Everything You Need to Know Before You Read The Poppy War. It was a pretty stressful week, but the stolen post was finally taken down. 😶 Other memorable moments of the month were a murder mystery party with friends, lots of baking, and an author interview~!


I read SO MUCH. In February, I ended up reading 7 webtoons and 7 webtoons/manga. I’m only including the first volume for each, but they were all ~wonderful~. Manga and webtoons were really what got me through 2020 and now 2021. Most of the webtoons I’ve been reading recently are Isekai which is when the main character gets transported to another world.

The webtoons I ended up reading were Why Raelina Was At the Duke’s Mansion, Doctor Elise, Insow’s Law, Seducing the Villain’s Father, Who Made Me a Princess, and Gradually Close to the Heart. I ended up loving the Happily Ever Afters audiobook. Clues to the Universe for all its family and friendship wholesomeness. We Are Not Free was also such a FANTASTIC read for Subtle Asian Book Club, and I would recommend it to everyone!


Subtle Asian Book Club




How was February for you?

Did you have any favorite reads?

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24 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2021

  1. ahh tiffany!! we are not free was so heartbreaking and SUCH a heavy read 🥺 i also got into manga and webtoons (only because i downloaded the webtoon app to read heartstopper), but i did manage finding other favourites as well!! i’m so happy the plagiarized post got took down, and i hope everything is okay now!! your chain of iron package looks GORGEOUS, and that crepe cake is making me hungry 🙈

    loved this post 💖


    1. thanks so much for reading with us~! i loved having our heart broken together LOL ❤ thanks for being so lovely and supportive, and i hope you have a fantastic reading month in march~~


  2. i loved you have a match and these violent delights so much!!! i’ve never read any webtoons, but i recently downloaded the app and want to read lore olympus. it’s kind of intimidating though!!

    i loved reading this post, and i hope you have a great march 💖


    1. ooo webtoons are intimidating at first but then you just fall down the spiral and become OBSESSED!! they’re all so good. let me know if you ever want recommendations. i hope you have a fantastic reading month in march~!


      1. ooo the office blind date/a business proposal is a great one that’s completed. it’s not on the webtoons app, but you can probably find it online!


  3. Ahhh Tiffany, so sorry about your posts but glad you sorted it out. Ugh the internet sucks sometimes.

    But yay for all the reading you got done! Looks like you had a great month and there are so many that I can’t wait to read <3<3 lots of love friend


    1. LOLOL it was such a wild week but thank goodness we’re past that! i hope you have a fantastic reading month in march~~~


  4. *quickly adds all the isekai webtoons you’ve read*

    i still need to get back to raeliana but…im scared of the conflict WHY AM I LIKE THIS.

    still mad that your post got plagiarized but im happy it got taken down now. i hope you’re having a better month this time around!! ily ❤


    1. what are webtoons if not my mental health persevering,,,

      and OK raeliana isn’t my FAVORITE but it’s one of the few completed isekai webtoons so it’s worth the read!


  5. Not gonna lie just thinking of the whole thing with your TPW history post still gets my dander up dfsdkfsdkfsdkf. I’m glad though that things with SABC and reading webtoons seem to be going well!! Ily and I hope for a great March for you!


  6. ok this is a very random comment but why do i find driving memes so funny when i don’t even drive? hahahah the boo one is hilarious to me. i also love seeing on tiktoks those videos that are like “when you almost cause a 50 car pileup but have to act normal at the red light”. i think it’s because i *know* this is absolutely something that i’d do hahah it’s a good thing i can’t drive, then lmao


    1. ahh sorry i’m catching up on comments so late, but i hope you get to read happily ever afters soon! i listened to the audiobook on scribd and had so much fun 😍


  7. Despite the loads of work (and the plagiarized post, but I’m really glad that’s not available anymore now!), it seems like you had a good month and I’m so happy for you!! You read so much!!! And that Chain of Iron package is EVERYTHING! 🥰🥰


    1. ahh i’m sorry i’m catching up on comments so late, marta but i hope you had a wonderful feb + march ❤️


  8. Ah I’m so happy you liked Happily Ever Afters, I can’t wait to read that one ❤ I hope April will be kind to you, sending you lots of love ❤


    1. I can’t wait for you to read it! I really enjoyed the audiobook, and it’s been a while since I read a feel-good YA contemporary. It was just what I needed ❤️


  9. i love that i read this immediately after asking if you read any historical ones and AHHHHHHGHH YOU READ RAELIANA AND SEDUCE THE VILLAINS FATHER (MY ABSOLUTE FAV) AND WHO MADE ME A PRINCESS AND DOCTOR ELISE… they’re all so good… you have to read Why Are You Doing This, Duke :’)) also I haven’t read Inso’s Law yet but i’ve seen snippets and it looks sooo cute

    also 😦 when i got my new iphone it didn’t come with a charger which made me v salty

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