Book Review: A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime by Monica Murphy

Once again, Tiffany is shamelessly returning to the inter-web as she attempts to catch up on updating reviews on her blog! Welcome to my first official review on the blog in 2023:


PUBLISHED BY March 10th 2022

GENRE: Contemporary, Romance

PAGES: 552 


Wren Beaumont is many things.


At Lancaster Prep, the girls love her. They all want to be her friend. Only I see Wren for who she really is.

A repressed little virgin who keeps her feelings locked up so tight she’s probably close to bursting. She thinks she’s above us all.

Even me.

I shouldn’t be drawn to her. She’s not my type.

Until we’re forced to work together in class and realize we might have more things in common than we originally thought. Soon enough I find myself completely obsessed. I will do anything for this girl to make her fall in love with me.


This book brings women’s rights back several years.

I went back and forth whether it was worth the brain cells to write this review, but somehow I saw 3 recommendations for it in an hour on my explore page…so here we are!

It’s also the last day of the year (for context: this review was originally posted on my bookstagram in dec 2022), and we’re leaving all our negative energy back in 2022 and that includes this. freaking. book.

The few posts I’ve seen have romanticized this book for being a “fun good girl x bad boy romance” with the added bonus of a boarding school setting and overall rich kid energy. In reality, you get the cringiest…no *creepiest* romance?? between our two main characters, wren and crew.

Wren’s entire personality is being a virgin. she is a high school girl who is infantilized by everyone around her, and the author intentionally slut shames every other girl to get this point across. Crew wants to be an alpha male so bad…he’s 5 seconds away from turning into a werewolf. his obsession with wren is all centered around wanting to “corrupt” her…WHAT.

The romance between the two is not healthy, and it baffles me that this book is starting to trend amongst teens and be pitched as a spicy rom-com. Also, if a boy ever tries to shove a lollipop into your vagina, RUN. preferably to a therapist or police station. it is not sexy…it is a bacteria infection waiting to happen.

And let’s not forget that one of the teachers at this prestigious boarding school is a known pedo/phile, yet no one does anything about it?? I don’t even know when to stop pointing out the red flags bc this whole book is little red riding hood. Let’s stop romanticizing toxic relationships (and books) in 2023.

“It’s so bad, I want to give you a zero, but that’s not possible, so I give you a one”

Have you read A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime? What were your thoughts?

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