Graphics Disclaimer 

All graphics used for each post’s featured image and in the header have been taken from Unsplash and Pexels for free. All other graphics and GIFs used in the blog posts and elsewhere on this blog have been found on Tumblr and Giphy (from Google Search).

All of the book covers used in blog posts and reviews have been taken from Goodreads. Other photos including the books are my personal images, so please do not redistribute without my permission.

No graphics have been sold or otherwise distributed for a cost.


FTC Disclaimers 

All of the books read and reviewed on Read By Tiffany are either purchased by me, borrowed from my local public library via Overdrive, or provided by publishers or authors for free in exchange for an honest review. If a book was given by a publisher or an author, I will note it in the review.

I do not receive any compensation for my reviews. All reviews are based on my personal opinion about the book, and it doesn’t get affected by the source from where I got it. Finally, all reviews and articles are written by me, unless stated otherwise. Please do not copy and redistribute without my permission. Thank you.

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