Rating System

Hello, and welcome to Read By Tiffany! To help understand how I review books, here is my rating system, used in most of my reviews starting in January 2018. My ratings are influenced by a number of factors including the writing, characters, plot, themes, etc. In the end, my final star rating will depend on how much I enjoyed reading the book.

Please note that all opinions are exclusively my own and are in no way influenced by whether or not I received a book from a publisher or an author in exchange for a review. If a book was given by a publisher or an author, it will be noted in the post.

1 StarI didn’t enjoy reading this book. The plot, characters, writing, etc. didn’t work for me, and I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone else.
2 StarsI didn’t love or hate this book. There were likely a few enjoyable moments, but overall, it probably isn’t for me.

3 StarI enjoyed reading this book. It could have used more development and refining, but the plotline had potential.

4 StarThis book was an extremely enjoyable read. I would still recommend it for others to read, but there were a few small aspects that prevented it from being a full five stars. 5 StarI loved this book with all my heart. I would reread it again endlessly and recommend it to everyone I know. The characters were extremely personable, and I loved them. The writing was spectacular, and the plotline was enticing and enjoyable to read.


Often times,  I will give half-star ratings when I feel that a book falls directly in-between two ratings.

If you would like to request a review for your book, please check out my review policy. If you have any other questions regarding my rating system or book reviews, feel free to contact me using my contact form.

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